Day 1 – Approaching Women

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How To Overcome Approach Anxiety With Women

We open up our course by demonstrating some tried and tested confidence building principles that help us to overcome our approach anxiety. We then teach you how to enter a peak state the moment before approaching a girl to ensure you make an impactful first impression.

How To Approach Women

This part of the course is focused on teaching you different styles of approaching girls from rejection proof methods through to paying women direct compliments. We’ll take you to a variety of different environments and support you in learning how to use each individual method, as well as offering you full demonstrations of each approach.

How To Improve Our Body Language With Women

This segment is about helping you to make changes to the way that you hold yourself when interacting with girls for the very first time. Making slight adjustments to your body language will suddenly make you look and feel more attractive around women.

How To Hold Eye Contact With Women

In the final session of the day we’ll demonstrate how you can use eye contact to build attraction with women. There are many different types of eye contact you can use in different scenarios; including how to use your speech to slow down interactions to hold prolonged eye contact with women.

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Day 2 – Attracting Women

Social Attraction TrainingSocial Attraction TrainingSocial Attraction Training

How To Talk To Women

Word association is a strategy that we can employ to make sure that we never run out of what to say to girls when we first meet them. During this segment we’ll go through some written role plays to increase our confidence before then using the principles with real life women.

How To Flirt With Women

In this session you’ll discover the key principles to flirting with women from the outset. We’ll specifically focus our attention on how we answer girl’s questions in a way that entices them to want to know more about us, through to leading a conversation with women in a way that creates attraction.

How To Take Women’s Numbers

How you go about exchanging details with women is directly related to whether you’ll be able to enter a new texting conversation. In this segment we’ll go through a specific strategy of how to exchange numbers with women in a way that gives you the maximum opportunity of seeing them again.

How To Take Women On Instant Dates

Taking women on an instant date is the most powerful and effective way of getting to know them quickly. In the final segment of the day we’ll offer real life demonstrations of how to go on an instant date with a girl, which you’ll then be able to replicate under our guidance.

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Day 3 – Dating Women

Social Attraction TrainingSocial Attraction TrainingSocial Attraction Training

How To Avoid The Friend Zone With Women

Conversational threading is a method that we can use to convey the most attractive parts of our personality during a natural conversation. In this session we’ll go through some exact examples of how we can use mystery in our interactions to compel women to want to know more about us as an individual.

How To Text Women

Having a solid strategy for texting women will save you a lot of time and effort trying to organise future dates. In this segment we’ll teach you a powerful way to text women which is time effective, fun and also allows you the best opportunity to see them again in a simple and efficient way.

How To Handle Rejection With Women

In this penultimate session we’ll teach you an effective method of analysing your results with women in a way that allows you to learn from all of your interactions. We’ll also cover a solid strategy for dealing with negative responses from women and how we can maintain a positive outlook for our next conversations.

How To Attract Women On Tinder

During your course we’ll take many different photos of you which are suitable to create a powerful Tinder profile, and also give you a three step structure for sending messages. We then finish off the course with some allotted time to go over any specific areas of the training where you may need some extra guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses hosted in real life scenarios with women?
Yes – All of our courses are hosted in environments where you would naturally meet women in your day to day life.


Do you host your courses all over the World?
Yes – We are based in London and currently offer our courses in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia. Please contact us to find out when we are next in your area.


Is there any support after my coaching weekend?
Yes – You will be added to our secret “Facebook Community” for a lifetime of free assistance from our coaches and previous clients.


Do you offer payment terms?
Yes – Please contact us to discuss individual payment plans.


Do you offer a full 100% money back guarantee?
Yes – If you are not happy with the level of coaching from our award winning 3 day course, then we will refund you in full.


Can you tell me more about the cost of your courses in 2017?
Yes – Our introductory training starts at £199 through to our most comprehensive tuition at £2999 per person. For more information call us on 0208 099 7718 or click the link below to contact us to find out when we’re next in your area.