How To Prevent Negative Emotions From Killing Our Chances With Women
How To Prevent Negative Emotions From Killing Our Chances With Women

How To Prevent Negative Emotions From Killing Our Chances With Women

Written by the Social Attraction Team

What’s amazing is that when I first started learning how to attract women, one of the hardest issues that I had to overcome was the anxiety that I felt over approaching women that I found attractive.

My instincts would tell me to go straight over and talk to her, but for some reason I couldn’t. I would remain right there frozen from fear.  What I’ve now come to realise is that this fear is in fact normal and most, if not all, single men go through this process every time they see a good looking girl.

The unfortunate reality is that negative emotions like fear, anxiety and worry lead to indecision, procrastination and severe anxiety, and before we know it we no longer even consider engaging women as an option.

Increase Our Chances With Women #1: Our Questions

We have found that one incredibly easy way to overcome approach anxiety the moment we see an attractive lady is to ask ourselves three important questions.

Firstly what is the worst that can happen?

The answer to this question will bring up the specific thought that is giving us anxiety and fear.  It could be anything from her telling us to go away through to a fear of other people watching and laughing at us.  The aim here though is to define the fear exactly as it appears in our mind.

Am I willing to accept this as fact?

Once we accept this fear as already happened and taken place in reality our approach anxiety immediately diminishes.  In truth, the fear of an event is often far less emotionally traumatic than the event itself.

What can I now do to make it better?

Increase Our Chances With Women #1: Our Strategy

Now that our fear has diminished the reality is that we can make our interactions with women far better by using proven strategies of approaching women.  If we think about this logically then we are taking away all of the fear and anxieties we have with interacting with women and then we are instilling a strategy to help with the process.

This three step process really has been the secret to controlling my emotions not only when I’m engaging with women myself but also when I’m hosting our pua training weekends, so I can speak from direct experience of how this formula has helped to keep my emotions in check and increase my results with women.

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