How To Connect With Women On A Deeper Level
How To Connect With Women On A Deeper Level

How To Connect With Women On A Deeper Level

Written by the Social Attraction Team

What is frightening time and time again when hosting our pua training weekends is that we seem to lack the basic set of skills required to form a deeper connection with women that we find attractive.

It’s become apparent that we are so worried about what to say next, about trying to come across as an attractive guy, that we forget about the crucial concept of actually getting to know the girl that we are speaking with.

If only we could stop for a moment to ask the girl a question about herself we would notice our results with women would instantly increase.

Connect With Women #1: Emotional Level

When we speak of connecting on a deeper level, what we are really alluding to is finding out what it is exactly about her that makes her an individual; what are her core values and what drives her as a person.  The answers to these types of questions will help us learn how to attract women.

This may sound a difficult skill to master but in fact if we can learn to follow a simple strategy to follow, then this becomes far simpler.  Here are three areas of a girl’s personality that we can question or refer to that will help us form that all important emotional connection.

Our energy levels and what we do with them.

Our creativity inside and outside of work.

Our level of independence across our whole life.

Connect With Women #2: Questions

On our daygame courses we teach that at the very basic level we can begin with simply mentioning what we notice about each of the areas, so something as simple as:

“You appear to have loads of energy, is that just today or are you always energetic?”

“You seem like the creative type; let me guess, you can play an instrument?”

“You come across like you’re quite independent; do you enjoy travelling alone?”

The point here is that we should comment on her energy, her creativity or her level of independence and just say what we notice about her.

Connect With Women #3: Accuracy

As a dating coach I’ve found that more often than not we end up being fairly accurate and, as a result, women will open up and start talking about themselves.

This has two amazing effects: firstly, all of a sudden the pressure is suddenly off of us as the girl is talking, so we no longer need to worry about trying to entertain her; and secondly we can actually take a few minutes to get to know the girl that we genuinely like.

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