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The Foundations Of Body Language Revealed
The Foundations Of Body Language Revealed

The Foundations Of Body Language Revealed

Written by the Social Attraction Team

When we are learning how to get a girl to like you being able to read women’s signals and use our own body language effectively can be incredibly powerful to help us become more successful in this area of our lives.

The videos below reveal three fundamentals about non-verbal behaviour which we can start using immediately with great effect.

Foundations Of Body LanguageFoundations Of Body LanguageFoundations Of Body Language

Foundations Of Body Language #1: Eye Contact

Making eye contact with a girl gives us a perfect opportunity to engage with her, and the best part is that we can even do this from far away like across a crowded bar or club.

In the first video, Gary explains an incredible way to get her attention, flirt with her and learn how to start a conversation with a girl within seconds of making eye contact.

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Foundations Of Body Language #2: Body Position

From my experience, the way we position our body when we are interacting with women is a key factor in making things easier for ourselves.

Gary demonstrates how one very simple and subtle change to the direction we are facing helps to make her feel more comfortable and also allows for the conversation to run smoother.

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Foundations Of Body Language #3: Her Signals

I have found that there are clear signals in a woman’s body language which indicate if she is interested in us or not.  These signals offer us a clear insight as to whether women are attracted to us when we are learning how to compliment a girl during the day.

In the final video, Gary describes the three main clues we can look for which suggest that a girl wants us to approach her or that she is attracted to us.

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