How To Approach Women – In 3 Different Scenarios
How To Approach Women – In 3 Different Scenarios

How To Approach Women – In 3 Different Scenarios

Written by the Social Attraction Team

From my experience three of the most common places to learn how to get a girl to like you are bars, coffee shops and whilst we are at work.

The videos below outline how to approach women in these different scenarios, so that when we see a girl we like we are already prepared and know exactly what to do.

How To Approach Women #1: In Bars

Bars are great social environments and if we go to right venues there are always plenty of opportunities to start interactions with women on a Friday and Saturday night.

We can make things much easier for ourselves by choosing a high value location within the bar, as explained by Gary in the first video.

Q&A What’s The Easiest Way To Meet Women In Bars?

How To Approach Women #2: In Coffee Shops

During the daytime, coffee shops are an ideal place to engage with women in a nice relaxed setting.

The way we initiate conversations in a coffee shop environment will vary depending on if she is by herself or with friends. Watch this next video to find out what they are.

Q&A How To Approach Women In Coffee Shops?

How To Approach Women #3: At Work

We spend such a large amount of time at work so why not use it as an opportunity to meet women and learn how to talk to girls at work.

In the final video Gary describes how we can talk to women at work without it being obvious that we like them.

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