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How To Attract Girls – The Perfect Emotional Blend
How To Attract Girls – The Perfect Emotional Blend

How To Attract Girls – The Perfect Emotional Blend

Written by the Social Attraction Team

Often when we are first learning how to attract women we tend to fall in to one of two categories; either we compliment women too much and end up in the friend zone, or we become too challenging and women frame us as rude and obnoxious.

Over time, I have found that if we can get our blend of compliments and challenges just right, then we will indeed induce feelings of attraction in the women we are conversing with.

So here are three perfect ways to attract girls by sparking a desirable balance of upward and downward emotional spikes.

How To Attract Girls #1: The Point And Flirt

On our pua training courses we show that a distinguishing way to flirt with a new girl is to simply point at her when we catch her gaze from across the room.  This signifies that we have, in effect, chosen her from all of the other girls in the vicinity.

If she responds by pointing back or smiling, this will undoubtedly make her feel special and as a result trigger that all important upward emotional spike.

Now for the fun part – if we then playfully pretend that we were actually pointing at the girl behind her and not her, she will instantly begin to feel a downward emotional spike.  In reality, when we move quickly between these two opposite emotions, attraction is ignited.

How To Attract Girls #2: The Grand Hello

With this concept, when we are meeting a girl for the first time, our aim is to smile broadly and hold strong eye contact with her (slightly over the top if we can).  Then just as she smiles or goes to greet us, we then turn to our left or right and greet her friend instead.

By being over the top with our initial smile we are leading a girl to smile back at us, which undoubtedly gives rise to an upward emotional spike; then suddenly when we break rapport we instantly become challenging and spark that magical downward spike.

Having this initial knowledge severely reduces our approach anxiety as we have a solid structure to use when meeting new women.

how to attract girlshow to attract girlshow to attract girls

How To Attract Girls #3: The Magic Microphone

This is a simple idea that works really well.  All we have to do is to ask a girl an open ended question and just before she responds, we hold our hand out like a microphone beneath her mouth so that she can speak into it.

For some inexplicable reason (even with a fake microphone), I’ve found that women tend to take this seriously and will even lower their voice.  The fake microphone signifies that her opinion is indeed important and gives rise to a playful upward emotional spike.

Now for the fun part – once she starts speaking to the microphone all that we do, after about five seconds, is to pull the microphone back towards us and tap it with our other hand and then say: “oh sorry the microphone wasn’t on”.

On our daygame courses we teach that this is a sure way to surge between emotions in a fun and flirty way.

how to attract girlshow to attract girlshow to attract girls
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