How To Attract Women In Budapest
How To Attract Women In Budapest

How To Attract Women In Budapest

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this week’s video blog you will see live footage of our head coach demonstrating how to compliment a girl to start a new interaction in a foreign country.

This video was filmed early on a Monday afternoon when the temperature was well over 30 degrees, so credit to Simon for his short sprint in the first interaction.

When you watch the footage one area to focus on is his direct eye contact, and also the way that he smiles before he articulates his first words.

Daygame in Budapest – Simon Kennedy

How To Attract Women In Budapest #1: The Approach

Simon’s direct approach in both of the interactions is bold; he manages to get right in front of the girls to make sure that they stop before he starts to converse with them.

He then pays them a unique compliment whilst looking directly into their eyes to make it even more powerful.  The confidence it takes to do this conveys a lot of attractive qualities to women.

Not a bad first impression to make when we are learning how to talk to girls.

How To Attract Women In Budapest #2: Making it Fun

In the first interaction the girl is running late for her English class, and rather than trying to convince her to stay Simon keeps telling her that she needs to go or she will be late.

With the second interaction, Simon starts challenging the girl to see what she would be like on a date, and whether she would make a big enough effort for him.

In both cases these are the polar opposite of how most men learn how to get a girl to like you; which serves to create a fun vibe and raise an instant smile.

How To Attract Women In Budapest #3: The Date

Once Simon enters a fun interaction he then makes sure that he takes their numbers and organises a date in the diary, before always ending the interaction first to maintain his value, mystery and leadership.

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