How To Be The Perfect Wingman In Three Simple Steps
How To Be The Perfect Wingman In Three Simple Steps

How To Be The Perfect Wingman In Three Simple Steps

Written by the Social Attraction Team

When we are learning how to talk to girls, having a good wingman can help us to learn and develop much faster.  So in essence as a wingman our duty is to inspire, motivate and support our partner at all times.

What I have found is that this process can prove challenging unless we both specifically know what our individual roles are within the group.

So here are three simple steps to follow to ensure that each and every interaction is mutually beneficial.

How To Be The Perfect Wingman #1: Support

When we are learning how to get a girl to like you, in our experience being in a positive and upbeat mental state is absolutely critical, and having a wingman can help us this tremendously.

It’s important to remember that all of our conversations should be positive and fun, which helps us to keep present, out of our heads and ready to make an approach when the opportunity arises.

This includes praising our friend for things they have done well or putting our arm around their shoulder when things haven’t quite worked out. In a nutshell the whole environment should be positive and upbeat to enable us to learn and gain new experiences quickly.

How To Be The Perfect Wingman #2: Respect

Our wingman is our partner and not our competition, so therefore when we are both learning how to start a conversation with a girl we should never criticise him in order to make ourselves look good.

We should never interrupt our partner when he’s talking and further to this if our wingman isn’t involved in the interaction it’s our duty to bring them into our conversation.

I have found that if we compliment our friend and show respect to him in this way, it helps the interaction flow and we also come across as more attractive as a result.

How To Be The Perfect Wingman #3: Proximity

When we are learning how to be the perfect wingman, there’s nothing worse than watching our friend approach a couple of women at the other side of the bar, waiting there alone and then following a few minutes later to join in.

Rather than leaving our wingman by himself to make an approach, we can make things much easier by getting proximity to women we like for a couple of minutes first before engaging with them.

This means we can naturally learn how to compliment a girl by starting a conversation with them ‘over our shoulder’ and it also allows for our friend to join in the interaction easily because he is already close by.

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