How To Talk To Girls – 3 Powerful Methods We Can Use Today
How To Talk To Girls – 3 Powerful Methods We Can Use Today

How To Talk To Girls – 3 Powerful Methods We Can Use Today

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this article I’m going to illuminate three powerful methods that we teach on our pick up artist courses that we can use to learn how to talk to girls more effectively.

In our experience learning how to talk to girls is undoubtedly one of the most important areas we can develop to improve our dating success. Once we have a few solid principles that we can employ, our confidence with women tends to increase dramatically.

In the following videos Gary Gunn explains three different aspects of communicating with women which can make a massive improvement to our interactions with girls that we like.

How To Talk To Girls #1: What To Say

Our our daygame courses we explain that running out of things to say to girls is something which many men dread.  This fear can sometimes even stop us from talking to women in the first place; so it’s definitely worth us overcoming this issue.

Fortunately there are a few simple techniques that we can utilise if we ever find ourselves in a position where our mind has gone blank.  In the following footage we’ll see a great demonstration from Gary which is easy to put into practice in our own interactions with women.

Q&A How To Talk To Girls

As we can see in the video above by using our eyes we are able to take the focus away from our lack of conversation.  Once we see an opportunity to ask a question about something we see, or make a statement about her as a person, we tend to find that our anxiety is immediately diminished.

How To Talk To Girls #2: Being Agreeable

Occasionally we might find ourselves getting into a heated discussion with a girl, especially if it is about a topic that we feel very passionate about.  It’s at these exact times that we can highlight our social intelligence to women which is a highly attractive trait.

We teach on our dating coach courses that we can reduce the risk of getting into arguments with women by making one small change to the way we express our opinions which is revealed in the following video.

Q&A How To Talk To Girls

As we can see in the footage above, by speaking in the Socratic way we are able to take the heat out of any interaction.  By simply speaking from our own experiences we are able to put our point across in a more rounded way, as opposed to trying to speak from a factual basis.

How To Talk To Girls #3: More Fun

We explain on our approach anxiety courses that a common sticking point for many of us is how to inject some fun into our initial interaction with women.  When we are feeling a little bit anxious we tend to come across and more serious and rigid as a person.

In the final video Gary demonstrates a principle that we can adopt straight away to make the beginning of any conversation more unique, interesting and fun.  It’s important to focus on how easy we can begin make our conversations more fun just by altering one part of our conversational strategy.

Q&A How To Talk To Girls

As we can see in the footage above being fun and spontaneous are highly alluring attributes; so the more we can be relaxed right from the start of a new interaction the more attractive we’ll come across to women.

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