How Improv Comedy Can Help Us With Women

How Improv Comedy Can Help Us With Women

How Improv Comedy Can Help Us With Women

How Improv Comedy Can Help Us With Women

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How Improv Comedy Can Help Us With Women

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

I started doing improvisational comedy (or improv) some time ago just as a fun hobby, but I quickly discovered that there were some significant benefits to other areas of my life.  Specifically I found that it could help me learn how to talk to girls.

Improv is a style of theatre where all the material is created in-the-moment (rather than using scripted lines) while playing a variety of games and acting out scenes.

I regularly participate at improv groups myself and often recommend to clients who come on our coaching weekends as something to try.

Improv Comedy #1: Embrace Mistakes

I’ve noticed that one of the main hurdles that often holds us back from approaching women is that we are scared of failing or making a mistake.  This manifests itself the most when we are learning how to compliment a girl during the day.

A key principle of improv is to embrace mistakes and go with it. Making mistakes is celebrated rather than criticized and we actually find that “messing up” creates the biggest laughs or provides an opportunity to learn.

If we can incorporate this attitude when meeting women, we quickly realise that there isn’t really anything to fear and we can enjoy the experience whether we make mistakes or not.

Improv ComedyImprov ComedyImprov Comedy

Improv Comedy #2: Stay Present

When talking to a girl we like, it’s easy to become so focused about what to say next that we don’t really listen to her and then get stuck for words.  This is a real sticking point for many of us who want to progress further and learn how to kiss a girl that we like.

From my experience, one of the biggest benefits of improv is that it helps teach us the skill of remaining present, listening to the other person and trusting ourselves to say whatever is on our mind.

By practising this skill on a regular basis we are able to have more natural free flowing conversations with women and we don’t have to try as hard.

Improv ComedyImprov ComedyImprov Comedy

Improv Comedy #3: Improve Our Imagination

Speaking from personal experience, the games and scenes acted out during improv workshops help tremendously to develop our creativity, imagination and thinking on the spot.

All of which are very useful skills when speaking to women we like, to ensure the interaction doesn’t become dull or monotonous.  So much so that when we are learning how to get a girl to like you I already recommend improv comedy as a great tool to help us on our individual quest.

There are also loads of games from improv that we can play with women while on a night out or on a date, which is a great way to add a bit of variety and spontaneous humour.

Improv ComedyImprov ComedyImprov Comedy
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