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Three Key Attractive Qualities
Three Key Attractive Qualities

Three Key Attractive Qualities

Written by the Social Attraction Team

When we are learning how to kiss a girl we really need to know what are women really attracted to and how can we illuminate our own key qualities?

In these three videos, Gary talks about three key fitness indicators and explains why we should incorporate them into our every-day life.

Key Attractive QualitiesKey Attractive QualitiesKey Attractive Qualities

Key Attractive Qualities #1: Agreeability

When someone makes a statement that we disagree with, we often feel compelled to correct them or defend our own point of view.

Gary explains why letting things go and being agreeable can help to make the other person feel more important and increase our chances of bonding with them.

Fitness Indicator – Agreeability – Social Attraction

Key Attractive Qualities #2: Socrates

I have found that we are usually disagreeable in conversations because we think we know more than the other person about a given subject.

Gary shows that by taking Socrates idea of ‘I know nothing’ we can instantly become agreeable with anyone and everyone we speak to.

Fitness Indicator – Socrates – Social Attraction

Key Attractive Qualities #3: Awareness

It is commonly known that there are four main stages of learning, but there actually another two aspects which many of us overlook.  Thee following aspects are extremely relevant when we are learning how to get a girl to like you.

In this video Gary describes how being more aware of things we don’t know can help us to build better relationships.

Fitness Indicator – Awareness – Social Attraction

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