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London Dating Coach – Three Defining Factors
London Dating Coach – Three Defining Factors

London Dating Coach – Three Defining Factors

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this week’s video blog I share three different types of video which showcase the many different attributes required to become a full time dating coach.

The themes which flow across this footage are self-belief, confidence and an understanding of social dynamics.  I’m often asked what I do as a dating coach for men and one of the main requirements is to be able to demonstrate all of our principles in less than ideal situations.

It’s the getting out of our comfort zone when we are coaching that give us new experiences and helps us to gain wisdom over what and what doesn’t work when we are meeting women.

london dating coachlondon dating coachlondon dating coach

London Dating Coach #1: Opportunities Are Everywhere

In this video I’m recording a short piece to camera about Charles Darwin’s Sexual Selection Theory, when suddenly an attractive lady walks by in front of the camera. Rather than stopping and rerecording the footage, I use this as an instant opportunity to approach and engage her in conversation.

As we can see in the following video there are so many different opportunities to meet an entourage of different women during our normal daily activities.

What’s important to focus on in the following video is that I didn’t pause before I approached her, I simple acted immediately which helps to diminish our approach anxiety when we are learning how to start a conversation with a girl.

Dating Coach – Gary Gunn – Social Attraction 

London Dating Coach #2: Live Daygame Footage

In this second video I approach and interact with a girl in London while we were both walking in the same direction.  When we are learning how to compliment a girl when we first speak to her it’s important to be as specific as we can about her item of clothing or part of her body that we are attracted towards.

The one part of this footage to take notice of, is the fact that I did not require anything pre scripted to start an interaction with her.  I simple said hello and the girl then engaged me into a new conversation.

Daygame London – Gary Gunn – Social Attraction 

London Dating Coach #3: How To Approach A Group Of Women

The final video was filmed at a recent training course in Manchester where we were teaching our clients how to get a girl to like you by being socially intelligent.

When we are meeting women it often proves useful to face recurring issues head on, and to work out different ways to overcome them.

How To Approach A Group Of Women – Social Attraction – Gary Gunn 

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