12 Week Course Review – Hosted in Brighton and Birmingham
12 Week Course Review – Hosted in Brighton and Birmingham

12 Week Course Review – Hosted in Brighton and Birmingham

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this week’s video blog we have live footage of a client who has recently finished our 12 week advanced course.

The aim of our training is to simultaneously work on our self confidence whilst also gaining new referential experiences with women in new environments, from learning how to start new conversations through to understanding how to kiss a girl for the first time.

We work as a team to break through any boundaries which are holding us back from gaining the success we truly desire with women.

Social Attraction 12 Week course Review 

12 Week course Review #1: Inner Confidence

Our course consists of weekly emails with self development tasks to complete with our coaches on hand via a Whatsapp group for full support.  We’ve found that having a supportive team enables us to learn how to talk to girls at a much faster pace.

The development ranges from harnessing the power of meditation to relax ourselves with women through intense visualisations, to improve our interactions rapidly.

Our aim is to give an insight into real life methods which increase our confidence, with the full support of our coaches throughout our journey.

12 Week course Review #2: Three Training Weekends

We host three separate training weekends as part of our 12 week course all aimed at learning how to get a get a girl to like you.

The aim is to go to different cities and learn how to interact with women in a range of different environments.

We’ve found time and again that when we start breaking through some boundaries we’ll notice a significant improvement in our quality of life in a multitude of different areas.

12 Week course Review #3: Becoming One of Our Coaches

After successfully completing our 12 week course, Matt also attended our Summer Tour 2105 and is now being trained to become one of our new coaches.

This is real life evidence that we can all make any change that we want in our lives – I’m proud of you mate.

Changing any area of our lives always comes down to making a decision that we are willing to do whatever it takes to self develop and get the life we truly desire.

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