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Pick Up Artist – A Guide To Introducing Sexual Tension
Pick Up Artist – A Guide To Introducing Sexual Tension

Pick Up Artist – A Guide To Introducing Sexual Tension

Written by the Social Attraction Team

One great way that a pick up artist uses to create sexual tension with women is to slightly adjust the language used in normal conversation.  By using certain expressive words in our vocabulary, we are able to introduce highly charged emotional metaphors.

In essence we are using language and metaphor as a stimulant to create sexual tension with women.  Without over complicating the process, the easiest way to do this is to introduce the following words into our vocabulary:

“Satisfied”, “Craving”, “Stimulating”, “Aroused”, “Intimate”, “Longing”, “Explore”, “Passionate”, “Fulfills”, “Sensation”, “Desire”, “Savour”, ”Delve”.

Pick up artistPick up artistPick up artist

Pick Up Artist #1: How To Ask Women Questions

We teach on our pua training courses that when we meet new women we often fall into old habits and ask them the same types of questions which they’ve heard from a multitude of different men.  In the following three examples I give specific ways that we can adjust these common questions to make them more erotically charged.

 “What do you do for a living?”

“You seem like you have a stimulating job.”

“You look like you have a pleasurable job.”

“Where are you from?”

“Your accent’s aroused my curiosity; where are you from?”

“You don’t appear to be intimate with this area.”

“What do you do in your spare time?”

“What do you crave the most when you’re not at work?”

“What satisfies you in your spare time?”

As we can see from these examples, we’re not explicitly talking about sex, but we are selecting specific words which have profound sexual metaphors attached to them.  Our aim is to remain calm and relaxed in conversation and to let the tension build underneath the guise of normal social etiquette.

Pick up artistPick up artistPick up artist

Pick Up Artist #2: How To Answer Women’s Questions

On our pick up artist training courses we teach people not to answer women’s questions directly as it tends to induce some mystery and intrigue into the interaction.  However if our aim is to generate some sexual tension then I’ve found the following three examples offer us a great way to respond to a girls questions:

“What do you do for a living?”

“Actually my job is quite stimulating, I’m a doctor.”

“I’m lucky as I get to delve into new ideas.  I’m a programmer.”

“Where are you from?”

“I’m originally from Brighton, but I’ve moved here to explore new things.”

“To be honest, I’m more stimulated by what’s in front of me than my origins.”

“What do you do in your spare time?”

“I savour my spare time with many different experiences.”

“I crave adventure so anything new and exciting.”

We explain on our dating coach courses that when answering in this manner it’s best to look directly into the girl’s eyes and wait for her to break the tension first.  If we laugh, speak or immediately ask her another question then we break this all important tension.

Pick up artistPick up artistPick up artist

Pick Up Artist #3: A List Of Emotive Words

Cultivating our vocabulary to include expressive words also allows us to highlight our creative intelligence to women.  When we are well versed in using a wider vocabulary that in itself is a highly alluring attribute.

Here is a list of my personal favourite words which we teach on our pick up artist and daygame courses:

“Sensuality”, “Together”. “Discover”, “Intense”, “Spread”, “Yearning”, “Ravished”, “Desire”, “Crave”, “Want”, “Need”, “Yearn”, “Seek”, “Pulse”, “Intoxicate”, “Taste”, “Feast”, “Consume”, “Delve”, “Explore”, “Immerse”, “Open”, “Spread”, “Trust”, “Ravish”, “Stroke”, “Reveal”, “Whisper”, “Tease”, “Torment”, “Play”, “Toy”, “Strain”, “Rouse”, “Awaken”, “Thrill”, “Enchant”, “Fascinate”, “Stir”, “Stimulate”, “Provoke”, “Invite”, “Tempt”, “Command”, “Urge”, “Surrender”, “Succumb”, “Thrust”, “Fulfill”, “Explode”.

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