12 Week Course Review – Hosted in Brighton and Birmingham
12 Week Course Review – Hosted in Brighton and Birmingham

12 Week Course Review – Hosted in Brighton and Birmingham

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this week’s video blog we show real life evidence of how life changing our 12 week course can be, when we commit to following the outlined strategies and principles.

What I love about Rich is his enthusiasm to develop and the way that he breaks through personal boundaries which are holding him back.

In the video you will see a fantastic testimonial with footage of Rich interacting learning how to talk to girls women during the day.

Social Attraction 12 week course – Review 

12 Week Course Review #1: Self Development

When I first spoke to Rich he indicated that he is a very naturally self assured person, and that he had just lost his way a little and as a result was lacking in confidence in knowing how to get a girl to like you.

Our course consists of self development tasks which help all of us to grow in stature, the reality is though, unless we adhere to our tasks our results will be minimal.

This is where Rich really came into his own and not only completed all of his assignments, but helped other members of the course to break through some of their own personal boundaries too.

12 Week Course Review #2: Creating New Habits

Rich has now not only created new habits to approach and interact with women, but he has also generated a whole new social circle and group of friends.

He’s been to Newcastle, Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham which he has lead and arranged through our Facebook Tribe.

12 Week Course Review #3: Becoming A Coach

Rich is now attending our next 12 week course to work along side our existing team of coaches.

Where Rich can add value to our coaching team is his quick decisions, leadership qualities and apparently he has a very nice fountain pen to take notes 🙂

I can’t wait to see you develop into the coach we all know you can be and to start teaching other men how to compliment a girl for the very first time, which has come to be a solid attribute of yours.

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