How To Read Women’s Go Ahead Signals
How To Read Women’s Go Ahead Signals

How To Read Women’s Go Ahead Signals

Written by the Social Attraction Team

When we are learning how to talk to girls it can be very easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking that we should start all the conversations with women every time we gain eye contact with a girl who we find attractive.

In my experience when we adopt this mindset we tend to forget that women also share exactly the same concerns as us.

What I have come to recognise is that women are a lot more subtle than us, and rather than making a bold approach, instead they display clear go-ahead signals that they would like to converse with us.

Reading Her Signals #1: Hair Playing

I first became aware of hair playing as a go ahead signal as I started to put more effort and attention into my style, particularly when learning how to get a girl to like you during the day.

I found that the more fashionable I was dressed the more women would flick or play with their hair when I was walking past.

Now that I am conscious of this sign, as soon as a girl starts to play with her hair I know that she will be extremely receptive to my initial approach.

Reading Her Signals #2: Eye Contact

It’s like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie, when a man and women’s eyes meet across the room and there is instant chemistry.  This automatically gives us a great opportunity to learn how to start a conversation with a girl when we have a clear go ahead signal.

Unfortunately this is not something which we can force or even try to make happen, but what we can do is to become more aware of when we do catch a woman’s gaze.

When we are able to maintain eye contact for a prolonged period of time, it serves to make a deep connection before we even utter our first words.

Reading Her Signals #3: Proximity

If we are honest about it, when we first see a woman that we like we tend to either move closer to her or to stand in her line of vision to try and gain some eye contact.

I have found that women will often act in exactly the same manner especially in bars and evening environments.  They will either walk past near us, or even stand a few metres away with their back turned away.

If we can recognise this go-ahead signal in the moment, then it makes it very easy to just walk up to her and start a new interaction.  When we are completely confident that a girl is attracted to us, this also serves as a great way to learn how to kiss a girl in an evening environment.

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