Tinder Opening Lines – 3 Powerful Ways To Start A New Conversation

Tinder Opening Lines – 3 Powerful Ways To Start A New Conversation

Tinder Opening Lines – 3 Powerful Ways To Start A New Conversation

Tinder Opening Lines – 3 Powerful Ways To Start A New Conversation

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Tinder Opening Lines – 3 Powerful Ways To Start A New Conversation

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Tinder has been around for many years now and the whole “new buzz” has begun to subside with women now being far fussier over who they respond to.  So Tinder opening lines which used to work fairly well now work less and less, a few examples being:



“How are you?

This means that we are now being forced to become a lot more creative with our initial messages and offer something different; something that she hasn’t seen dozens of times before.  From our experience we have found that our pua text game strategy works extremely well on Tinder; so here are our three best tinder opening lines.

Tinder Opening LinesTinder Opening LinesTinder Opening Lines

Tinder Opening Lines #1: Create An Emotional Response

On our pick up artist courses we teach that the first step in this process is to find something in her profile description or pictures which don’t correspond with the rest of her profile, something that stands out which other people may not have noticed. We need to try to be observant and look for the less obvious.

Once we have found our “focal point”, we then need to use this to create an emotional response which will compel her to respond.  The screenshot below is a fantastic example of how to pick something out in her profile description and use it in a way to generate a response.

Tinder Opening Lines 1

Tinder Opening Lines #2: Challenge Her

If a girl’s profile description or pictures indicate that she likes doing a particular hobby or has some kind of talent we have found that challenging her in a playful way, by claiming that she is not as good as she thinks for example, works extremely well to generate a quick response.

In the screenshot below I picked out that she ‘likes to party, having a few drinks and few dance moves’ so I challenged her to name her best dance move, and she responded immediately.  When we are learning how to attract women it’s important to try loads of different principles and work out what works for us, like the following example.

Tinder Opening Lines 2

Tinder Opening Lines #3: Create Mystery

We can create mystery about ourselves on Tinder by sending a message which only gives half of the information or something ambiguous which can be interpreted in different ways. In the screenshot below I told her that she reminded me of someone and she was compelled to find out more, so much so that she even replied back twice.

Tinder Opening Lines 3

On our daygame courses we explain that sending mysterious messages tends to generate quick responses time and time again.  Once we have opened up the dialogue with a some solid Tinder opening lines, the next step is to exchange details and move the conversation onto Whatsapp as soon as we can.

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