Why First Impressions Count
Why First Impressions Count

Why First Impressions Count

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In this weeks video blog I share three separate videos which were recorded during our recent training weekend in Stockholm.  They are all aimed at helping us to learn how to kiss a girl in a foreign country.

The aim of this footage is to communicate some real life tips to offer us a more structured guidance on the latest and best methods to engage women with during the day.

Why First Impressions Count #1: How To Warm Up

Making a great first impression is imperative when we are meeting women.

In this short video I share my own personal method to get myself into a great state when meeting women during the day.

Daygame Tips Warming Up – Social Attraction – Gary Gunn

Why First Impresssions Count #2: The Sunglasses Opener

Often when we are conversing with women we have just met, we tend to rush what we are saying.

When we are in a different country this can be problematic due to the language barrier, so here is how to overcome our initial anxiety.

Daygame Tips Sunglasses – Social Attraction – Gary Gunn

Why First Impressions Count #3: How To Get Emotive

In my experience taking a girls phone number during the day is one thing, but actually managing to see her again can often prove difficult.

In this video I share a fantastic way to form an emotional connection and bond with women when we first meet them.  When we are learning how to get a girl to like you we should open open to trying and testing all new ideas to gain some new insights and wisdom.

Daygame Tips Get Emotive – Social Attraction – Gary Gunn

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