10 Things to Talk About With a Girl (That Won’t Bore Her to Death)

10 Things to Talk About With a Girl (That Won’t Bore Her to Death)

10 Things to Talk About With a Girl (That Won’t Bore Her to Death)

10 Things to Talk About With a Girl (That Won’t Bore Her to Death)

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10 Things to Talk About With a Girl (That Won’t Bore Her to Death)

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

As a guy, approaching the opposite sex is like entering into the Twilight Zone. You never know what you’re going to get out of a conversation, or even if you get one.

And worse, you may end up sucked into a situation that’s embarrassing. Plus, there’s always the risk of being boring, distasteful or intrusive.

There’s no denying it – females are a confusing breed. And if you don’t approach them correctly, you will suffer from side effects, such as lonely nights, evil glares and nervous laughter. But there’s hope yet.

In the following guide, we will discuss some things to talk about with a girl to give you a good head start.

So let’s see how you can improve your approach and engage in a conversation that’s longer than “hello.”

1. Light-Hearted Topics

Sure, girls dream of having an intense relationship with an intense guy. But this doesn’t mean you want to start off your conversations talking about intense topics.

So stay away from politics, religion, starting a family and other topics you should save for the fourth or fifth date. Instead, you should begin with a light subject – things you can talk about with any stranger.

For example, you can discuss the following:

  • Your favourite music
  • Plans for next weekend
  • Your pets
  • Your siblings
  • Recent movies you’ve seen or want to see
  • What you did last weekend

As a rule of thumb, the topics should be PG and help open up the door to more conversation. These are great subjects for making the girl feel comfortable enough to open up about her own interests and plans.

things to talk about with a girlthings to talk about with a girlthings to talk about with a girl

2. No Personal Stuff

Now, there are certain topics you should avoid like the plague. For instance, most girls who don’t know you will feel comfortable listening or talking about deaths in the family, first loves, or illnesses.

Try to keep your first conversations light and non-personal. You can save all the heavier stuff for future conversations after the two of you are well-acquainted.

There are certain signs you can watch for to determine if you are touching on a personal subject. So pay attention to her body language.

For example, looking away, tearing up, becoming rigid or backing away. Try to quickly change the subject if you notice any of these.

3. Smile, But Not Too Much

There’s a thin line between friendly and creepy. For example, smiling frequently throughout a conversation can be nice, but if you’re overdoing it, it’ll come off as sleazy or stalkerish.

As always, you want to come off as natural and genuine. So smile when it calls for one, such as when she says something cute or funny. Or when she looks nervous or shy.

Then if you can make her smile in return, then that’s an added bonus!

4. Ask Questions About Her

This is a little tricky because you don’t want to come off as intrusive. So remember to keep the concept of light-hearted topics in mind.

The questions you want to focus on include those revolving around her interests. For example, ask about her:

  • Favorite books, shows, and music
  • Best friends
  • Dream job
  • Future plans (like next weekend or this summer)
  • Favorite hobbies
  • Favorite foods (use this info to surprise her on your first and second date)

What’s great about asking questions is that it gets girls to talk and it gives you insight into who they are. You can covertly use that information to impress them in the future when it’s time for a date, gift-giving, or simply hanging out.

things to talk about with a girlthings to talk about with a girlthings to talk about with a girl

5. Compliment Her Physical or Mental

Be careful with this one, because a lot of girls are wary of guys who throw out compliments as a game. So when you give her one, make sure it’s authentic. Stay away from generic lines that you can use on any and every girl.

This will only turn the girl off and lose any points your winning smile awarded you. Instead, focus on something specific, such as a piece of jewellery she’s wearing or her personality.

Keep compliments minimal – about one per conversation.

6. Talk About Things You Have in Common

You can identify common ground easily after your first conversation (and even during). If you wish to keep your starter conversation flowing, then touch up on topics you both have an interest in.

That’s the point of asking light-hearted questions about entertainment, interests, and hobbies. There’s a lot to talk about when the two of you have your own experiences and ideas to share about a common interest.

7. Ask for Her Opinion On Something

Getting a girl to share her own thoughts is a bonus because it’ll get her talking and feeling valued. The key is to ask her opinion about something she’s actually knowledgeable about or has an interest in.

For instance, fashion, children, music, or a hairstyle. Another tip is to avoid asking a yes or no question. Present open-ended questions, so she will continue talking.

One example is to ask what she thinks about something, rather than asking if thinks something is good or bad.

8. Tell a Funny Joke

While you’re looking for things to talk about with a girl, why not tell a joke?

Most girls love to laugh, but getting them to can be very tricky. This is because humour is subjective. What’s funny to one girl may be disturbing to another.

So you want to focus on jokes that are less stand-up-comedic and more authentic. For instance, you can poke fun at yourself.

Your best bet is to wait until the middle or end of the conversation to crack a joke – after you know her a bit better. This way, you can gauge what will likely make her giggle.

things to talk about with a girlthings to talk about with a girlthings to talk about with a girl

9. Ask About Her Day

This is another way to begin a conversation with a girl. However, you can ask this at any time during the conversation.

What she says in her answer may open up the door to other things to talk about with a girl.

10. End Off with Positive Topics

Say your conversation took a turn down the path of something personal. For example, talking about a rift between you and your parents. This is alright if the girl is showing interest in the topic.

But you don’t want to leave the conversation on a sour note. So jump back onto a positive topic at the end, so her last impression isn’t negative.

Learn More Things to Talk About with a Girl

Now, these are all great icebreakers for talking to a girl for the first time. But you can take it further than this.

Once you feel comfortable and know things to talk about with a girl, you can begin learning more about the opposite sex. And you can learn a lot with the online resource at Social Attraction.

Stop by today to read up on topics surrounding dating, flirting and the laws of attraction.

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