Gary Gunn’s 17 Laws Of Dominance

Gary Gunn’s 17 Laws Of Dominance

Gary Gunn’s 17 Laws Of Dominance

Gary Gunn’s 17 Laws Of Dominance

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Gary Gunn’s 17 Laws Of Dominance

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

We recently hosted a course in London highlighting 17 ways that we can develop our confidence with women. On the training day we covered tried and tested ways to be more dominant during our interactions with women.

In the following video blog you’ll see each of these principles explained in detail with real video footage from our event.

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Principle #1: The Stone-Cold Eyes

When we meet new women we tend to have an autopilot response to either shake their hand or to kiss them on the check.

Stone-cold eyes is a technique which we can utilise before our normal autopilot responses. We simply pause for 1-2 seconds and force eye contact with women before we greet them.

This method allows girls to become fully present and recognise that we are taking the lead in the interaction by making our presence felt right from the start.

Gary Gunn Demonstrates His Secret Stone Cold Eyes Technique

This technique is really saying “I’m here and you should pay attention to me.”

This principle is best employed to show off our confidence the very first time that we meet anyone new. It can be utilised with women in a dating scenario through to work interviews and social get-togethers.

Principle #2: The Prevailing Handshake

When we shake hands with women we tend to meet them half way; so we both move our arms and greet each other in the middle.

The prevailing handshake is a powerful way to show off our dynamism during an initial greeting by moving women closer to us rather than meeting them half way.

The moment we clasp a girl’s hand we draw her closer to us rather than keeping a distinct level of distance. In the two images we can see the moments before we draw women in closer to us via the use of our body language.

Gary Gunn’s Prevailing Handshake Principle

When implemented correctly this technique comes across as a gracious greeting that gives off an air of confidence.

As with the stone-cold eye principle this technique is best used the first time that we meet someone new; it can also be used in tandem to create a more impactful first impression.

Principle #3: The Stripper’s Introduction

A high energy introduction allows us to show off a multitude of good attributes within the first few seconds of meeting women.

The stripper’s introduction is a method of greeting people that sub-communicates “I’m fun and I’m going to make your time with me enjoyable.”

When we put a lot of effort into smiling and offering a warm introduction it adds liveliness to the interaction.

Gary Gunn’s Stripper’s Introduction In Action

The more dynamism we use the more we are giving the girl a sense that we have good genetics, a lot of energy to expel and that we’re going to have fun together.

This technique is best used any time that we greet anyone; the more energy we expel the more important we make the individual feel; it’s like we are gifting them some of our vibe.

Principle #4: The Slow Motion Man

When we are around attractive women we tend to feel anxious and as a result our adrenaline kicks in and we speed up our movements and speaking speed.

The slow motion man is a technique where we slow down our movements to make a powerful impact; it’s expressing “I’m in total control here and I’m not anxious.”

If we imagine the control a dancer possesses when he is leading a lady; we can replicate this by slowing down our own action when we sit down or take a sip of our drink.

Gary Gunn’s Slow Motion Man Technique

This technique is best utilised any time we are making a body movement, so when we sit down we should retain total control of our body and not just fall; and similarly when we raise our glass to drink we can aim to take twice the amount of time.

Principle #5: The Firing Boss Method

One of the biggest differences we can make to our success with women is by the way that we sit; when we exhibit strong body language we tend to look and feel more powerful.

The firing boss method is when we imagine that we are about to sack an employee and we are focussed and giving them our attention whilst knowing that we are in complete control and about to fire them.

When we are able to sit back, take up space and feel composed, all of a sudden we become more able to have better interactions with women.

When we are holding back that we are about to fire them we also give off a strong air of confidence, mystery and power.

Gary Gunn’s Firing Boss Method

This technique is best used in every single context when we are sat down with women who we find attractive as well as work environments and all social settings.

Principle #6: The Tongue Sucking Technique

When we meet attractive women it’s normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed. This typically manifests itself with us speaking faster than usual and perhaps with a higher pitch.

The tongue sucking technique can be utilised when instead of speaking, we internally suck our own tongue which prevents us from speaking.

To anyone observing us it’s not apparent what we are doing, but this action will allow us to avoid speaking impulsively and without due consideration.

If we are able to suck our tongue for 2 seconds after a girl has spoken whilst holding her eye contact it allows us to begin to start building sexual tension.

Gary Gunn’s Silent Tongue Sucking Technique

This technique is best used after a girl has spoken about a topic for more than 10 seconds; as it allows us to take in what she has just articulated.

Principle #7: The Secret Spy

It can be very easy to lose control of our body langauge when we are in dialogue with attractive women. If we are able to maintain a powerful posture then we come across as assured and relaxed in conversation.

The secret spy technque is when we act like we have an ear-piece in, stand in a powerful and controlled way and act as if anything happens we can take control.

This pose command respect and allow women to feel relaxed in our presence as we are exuding an air of confidence. The more composed and confident we feel on the inside the more our confidence is noticed by women in our vicinity.

Gary Gunn Exposes His Secret Spy Principle

This technique is best used anytime that we are standing and talking to anyone; it allows us to feel commanding whilst also looking like we are in complete control of the situation.

Principle #8: The Hot Girl Walking Past

Often when we are attracted to women we tend to become too invested into the interaction; it’s as if they are the only person in the world who matters in that moment.

The hot girl walking past method allows us to break the intensity of an interaction by looking over “as if” an attractive woman is walking past; we simply glance over in her direction.

The beauty of this technique is that if the girl also glances over she’ll see nothing there and as a result will recognise that you decided to lead and break the intensity of the conversation.

It’s a principle which allows us to maintain our confidence in the interaction and not become too far embroiled into the nuances of the specific topic of discussion.

Gary Gunn’s Hot Girl Walking Past Strategy

This technique is best used when we are having an in-depth conversation with a girl and wish to break the intensity so that we can lead the dialogue in a different direction.

Principle #9: The Date With Two Supermodels

When we first meet women it can be very easy to forget all of our plans for that moment as in our mind “talking to her is way more important.”

The date with two supermodels technique allows us to be running 5 minutes late to an engagement already; meaning that any interaction that we are having is making us even later.

When we adopt this mindset we fully focus our mind on making the most impactful impression possible and as quickly as possible. Additionally, it allows us to take a girl’s number quickly and with more conviction.

This method also reduces the initial anxiety of approaching new women as we know that we only have to invest a limited amount of our time in the interaction.

Gary Gunn’s Date With Two Supermodels Technique

This technique can be adopted when we are meeting women during the day and wish to go in with a high energy approach; it also works well if we’re feeling tired.

Principle #10: The Hypnotic Three-way

Moving from a normal conversation to getting ready to kiss a girl can often prove to be a sticking point for many of us; especially if we are feeling anxious.

The hypnotic triangle is a method which allows us to increase sexual tension with the woman we like whilst also keeping our anxiety levels low.

The technique involves flicking from holding her left eye in focus, to her right eye and then finally to her mouth. We keep this rotation going until we feel the sexual tension increasing.

The best part of this principle is that from a girl’s perspective we are holding much stronger eye contact with her then most men that she meets on a day to day basis.

Gary Gunn’s Hypnotic Three Way Principle

The ideal time to use this principle is when you like a girl and would like to increase the sexual tension between both of you before you kiss her. It’s also a great tool to use more generally you we struggle to hold eye contact with anyone in conversation.

Principle #11: The King of The Jungle Posture

Although we may not realise it; women tend to notice us before we approach and interact with them, and so our actions before we greet them are extremely pertinent to any first impression.

The king of the jungle posture allows us to make our charisma felt before we engage new women in conversation.

The method involves posturing with our body language by sticking out our chest; this movement acts as a nonverbal sign of dominance.

If done correctly it will trigger women to feel that they are around an attractive man with high levels of self confidence.

Gary Gunn’s King Of The Jungle Posture

This technique is best used as soon as we seen an attractive girl that we would like to engage in conversation in any social environment. Seeing a lady we like should trigger our king of the jungle posture.

Principle #12: The High On Marijuana Method

Taking the necessary steps to physically escalate with women to the point of kissing them is wrought with potential problems.

The high on marijuana method allows us to slow down our dialogue and hold strong eye contact with women which permit us to create sexual tension.

To engage in this technique correctly we need to assign a percentage of our attention away from the girl using our peripheral vision, whilst maintaining her eye contact.

This principle inhibits our ability to think as fast; and as a result we slow down our thoughts and our eye contact becomes more personal.

Gary Gunn’s High On Marijuana Method

This principle is best used when we want to shift the energy of the interaction towards more intimate feelings which can lead up to the very first kiss.

Principle #13: The Investigative Journalist

Controlling the frame of an interaction allows us to lead the conversation into any direction of our choosing.

The investigative journalist principle is a technique which allows us to shine the focus of any interaction firmly onto the girl, by challenging her thoughts and beliefs in conversation.

Whenever a girl offers an opinion on a topic of discussion, we respond with “So what you’re saying is…” The objective is to paraphrase her words like we are interviewing her for a news feature.

Gary Gunn’s Investigative journalist Routine

This principle can be utilised to rephrase what they are saying in a funny way or by tuning into the subtext of their words to connect with her at a deeper level. The aim is to offer a different type of conversation to keep the interaction fun and engaging.

Principle #14: The 10 Word Rule

Being able to have fun with women during our interactions shows a huge level of confidence. This is especially true when we are amusing ourselves throughout the interaction.

The 10 word rule is a way of interrupting women in conversation to frustrate them to the point of inducing some mischievous tension into the conversation.

To implement the 10 word rule all we have to do is to interrupt what a girl is saying every 10 words. We simply ask them an irrelevant question or disrupt their thought processes.

This technique is a way of flirting with women who we know are already attracted to us and is seen as a playful way of flirting.

Gary Gunn’s Hilarious 10 Word Rule

This principle is best adopted when we are speaking with a girl 1-1 and we want to induce some fun energy into the interaction.

Principle #15: The Drunk & Falling Over Principle

Approaching women on the street can be a difficult task which consumes a lot of our energy, so it’s important to relax ourselves as quickly as possible when we enter into a new conversation.

The drunk and falling over principle is a technique to remind ourselves that we have to lean against something or sit down before we literally fall over onto the floor.

All we have to do is to move together to a place where we can lean against an object or sit down to relax our posture.

Once we are in this position we’ll notice that our nerves as well as the girl’s tend to subside so we can focus more on the conversation.

Gary Gunn’s Drunk & Falling Over Principle

This principle is more of a mental ritual to remember that we need to relax as soon as possible when we meet new women by taking control of our body language.

Principle #16: The “Looking Up At Me” Method

Being physically tall is an attractive quality in men because it illuminates good genetics. The other notable consequence of being a tall man is that women are always looking up at them in conversation.

The “looking up at me” method is when we place our self in a physically higher position than women so that they have to look up to us in dialogue.

It’s the same reason that kings sit on a throne and judges preside over a court, as it paints a picture of them being “above us” which is highly powerful.

The archetypal image of power in artistic terms is almost always also conveyed via the use of stature; it appears to be inbred in our subconscious mind.

Gary Gunn’s Influential “Looking Up At Me” Method

This technique is best used in any scenario where we are in dialogue with anyone where we wish to come across as confident and ”kingly”.

Principle #17: The Going Home Alone Technique

There are certain behaviours which are guaranteed to put women off and ultimately lead us to being left alone and solitary.

The going home alone technique is where we give off signs that we are jealous, negative and insecure in conversation. It’s where we intentionally commit all of the most unattractive behaviours possible.

This principle becomes fun when it’s clear and obvious that we’re not really this type of man and in fact are simply using the technique as a fun and intriguing role play.

It’s the same way that if an “attractive girl” suddenly told us that no guy ever approaches her and she can never get a date, we would know that she was joking.

Gary Gunn’s Famous Going Home Alone Technique

This technique is best used in high octane environments such as a bars, nightclubs and big social engagements when we are in dialogue with a girl that we think is attracted to us as a person.

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