A Daily Task emailed to you for 30 Days to Increase your Confidence with Women

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Take Our 30 Day Challenge and Kick-Start Your Dating Life

Course Schedule

Days 1-6
Date Women with Confidence

Build your inner confidence in dating women by taking on your first small challenges, on a step by step basis, which will help you to communicate with more women in a comfortable and relaxed manner. These tasks have been tried and tested to ensure interacting with women is easily achievable on a daily basis.

Days 7-12
Make First Impressions Last

Over the next week of the course, we shall concentrate on getting into an optimal mind-set moments before interacting with new women. These tasks focus on energising your character so that your first impression is impactful and remains long in her memory.

Days 13-18
Create Meaningful Conversations

New methods are taught each day to engage women in longer, more meaningful conversation by never running out of things to say. We will show effective and efficient ways in how you can access their inner world and become an integral part of the woman with whom you are having a conversation.


Photos From Our Course

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Course Schedule

Days 19-23
Dynamic Dating Interactions

By eliciting positive emotional responses through conversation, dynamic dating interactions are formed. You will learn various principles on how to be enigmatic and mysterious when communicating with women leaving them relaxed but curious – and wanting to know more about you.

Days 24-27
Illuminate Your Attractive Qualities

During these challenges, our focus is on illuminating your own attractive and charming qualities during normal conversations with women. Different methods of communication are taught to highlight and showcase your natural charisma.

Days 28-30
Become a Leader in Dating (And In Your Life)

Women naturally gravitate to men who demonstrate leadership qualities. The final three days of the course illustrate our methodology for becoming a leader. Through these techniques, your new-found confidence and self-assured attitude will not only lead to successful future dating but will transcend into positive and rewarding interactions throughout many other areas of your life.


Photos From Our Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me how much time this will take me on a daily basis?
Yes – You’ll need to allow 30 minutes per day to complete each task.


Can you tell me what happens if I miss one of the daily challenges?
Yes – We have integrated a catch-up day at the end of each segment of the course. This will allow you ample time to catch up if you’ve missed a challenge.


Do you offer a full 100% money back guarantee?
Yes – If you are not happy with our 30 day program then we will refund you in full. *Subject to completing the course and our terms of conditions.


Can you tell me more about how you take online payment?
Yes – You will be directed to PayPal’s official website where you’ll be able to make a 100% safe and secure online payment.


Can you tell me what happens after I’ve made an online payment?
Yes – When you’ve purchased our 30 day challenge you’ll automatically be emailed your first daily task.

Our Guarantees – Offering you peace of mind for over a decade

is she interestedis she interestedis she interested