Take Our 30 Day Challenge and Kick-Start Your Dating Life

A Daily Task Emailed To You Every Morning To Increase Your Success With Women

Days 1-7
How To Approach Women Structure

The first week of the course is based on small challenges to increase your confidence approaching attractive women. One step at a time you’ll learn the main principles required to speak to more women on a daily basis.

Days 8-13
Creating Confidence With Women

The next five days of the course are allocated to teaching you how to energise yourself into the best possible state when approaching new girls. One concept at a time you’ll learn how to make a more impactful first impression with the women you’re approaching.

Days 14-19
How To Talk To Girls

The next part of the course is based on teaching you effective ways of never running out of what to say to women. Each day has a new method which you’ll be able to use in all of your new interactions when you are conversing with women.


Photos From Our Course

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Days 20-23
How To Attract Women

Conversational threading is a way of speaking to women so that it makes it easy for them to talk back to us in conversation. You’ll learn how to use the art of mystery in your interactions and also how to make women feel more relaxed in your presence.

Days 24-27
Key Flirting Principles

During these four days you’ll learn how to flirt with women right from the start of new interactions. We’ll also teach you how to illumiante your own individual attractive qualities to women during a normal and natural conversation.

Days 28-30
How To Date Women

The final three days of the course have been recently added to show you the best possible way to go around dating new women. We’ll also show you how to take your new found dating confidence through to the rest of your life.


Photos From Our Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me how much time this will take me on a daily basis?
Yes – You’ll need to allow 30 minutes per day to complete each task.


Can you tell me what happens if I miss one of the daily challenges?
Yes – We have integrated a catch up day at the end of each segment of the course. This will allow you ample time to catch up if you’ve missed a challenge.


Do you offer a full 100% money back guarantee?
Yes – If you are not happy with our 30 day program then we will refund you in full.


Can you tell me more about how you take online payment?
Yes – You will be directed to Paypal’s offical website where you’ll be able to make a 100% safe and secure online payment.


Can you tell me what happens after I’ve made an online payment?
Yes – When you’ve purchased our 30 day challenge you’ll automatically be emailed your first daily task.


Can you tell me more about the cost of your 30 Day Challenge?
Yes – Our 30 day challenge is £99 per person. You’ll be automatically emailed daily challenges to complete every day for a 30 day period. The aim of this program is to increase your dating confidence with women one step at a time.

Our Guarantees

is she interestedis she interestedis she interested