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Social Attraction’s 30-Day Program

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Take Our 30 Day Challenge and Kick-Start Your Dating Life

Course Schedule

Days 1-7
Start Meeting New Women 

The first part of the program is about introducing you to our tried-and-tested methods of meeting new women. In the first days of the course, you will also have some step-by-step actions to take which will allow you to be proactive in engaging with women in a range of different settings – meaning that you instantaneously meet new women.

Days 8-13
Making First Impressions Last

Over the next week of the course, we concentrate on getting you into an optimal mindset – just before you interact with women. These tasks focus on creating an impactful first impression and also energising your body and mind, whilst also focussing on creating emotional control – so that you become confident in interacting with attractive women.

Days 14-17
Creating Meaningful Conversations

The following challenges are based on teaching you strategies to become more engaging to women. You will learn effective ways of ensuring that you never run out of what to say in any conversation, and how to keep an interaction flowing – allowing your confidence with women to grow exponentially.


Photos From Our Course

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Course Schedule

Days 18-24
An Introduction To Seduction

For the next part of the course, you will learn the five character types that are attractive to women. These daily-tasks will allow you to understand the true art of seduction and how to implement the idea of “seductive moments” during your normal and natural conversations with women.

Days 25-28
Powerful Flirting Principles

For the next segment of the course, you will learn a powerful principle to flirt with women as well as a proven text-messaging strategy. We will focus on how to answer women’s questions in a way that creates mystery and intrigue, meaning that you can add a playful vibe to any interaction.

Days 29-30
Become a Leader in Dating (And In Your Life)

The final days of the course illustrate our methodology for becoming a leader. You will learn how to transcend the lessons from our 30-day challenge into the rest of your life – meaning that you will develop a new found-confidence and self-assured attitude in life.


Photos From Our Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me how much time this will take me on a daily basis?
Yes – You’ll need to allow 30 minutes per day to complete each task.


Can you tell me what happens if I miss one of the daily challenges?
Yes – We have integrated a catch-up day at the end of each segment of the course. This will allow you ample time to catch up if you’ve missed a challenge.


Do you offer a full 100% money-back guarantee?
Yes – If you are not happy with our 30-day program then we will refund you in full. *Subject to completing the course and our terms of conditions.


Can you tell me more about how you take online payment?
Yes – You will be directed to PayPal’s official website where you’ll be able to make a 100% safe and secure online payment.


Can you tell me what happens after I’ve made an online payment?
Yes – When you’ve purchased our 30-day challenge you’ll automatically be emailed your first daily task.

Our Guarantees – Offering you peace of mind for over a decade

is she interestedis she interestedis she interested