5 Second Date Ideas You’ll Both Love

5 Second Date Ideas You’ll Both Love

5 Second Date Ideas You’ll Both Love

5 Second Date Ideas You’ll Both Love

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5 Second Date Ideas You’ll Both Love

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You made it through the first date successfully – phew.

Before you breathe a sigh of relief, remember that you now need to plan a second.

The second date can feel like it comes with even more pressure since you don’t have the excuse of being complete strangers anymore.

Luckily, there are plenty of second date ideas that will appeal to almost anyone and guarantee you a successful time together.

With the right planning, there’s no need for a second date to feel awkward.

Read on for five date ideas that are sure to go down well.

second date ideassecond date ideassecond date ideas

Try rock climbing

Tired of cliche second date ideas like going to the movies or out to dinner?

Physical dates are always way more fun than sitting around, wondering what to say to each other, but you need to pick the right activity.

A sport like rock climbing lets you be independent but provides you with plenty of opportunities to cheer each other on.

If you choose bouldering, you’ll be climbing side by side on a low wall without ropes. It can be fun to go one at a time, or race to the end.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can strap on a harness and scale a taller wall. Your partner will hold onto your rope as you climb, which is a nice exercise in trust.

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried climbing before – most centers have plenty of easy routes, marked by different colored hand and foot holds. If you are experienced, you can have fun showing your date the ropes.

Once you’re all climbed out, head to a cafe for a drink and chat before you go your separate ways. Bonus points if the cafe overlooks the climbing gym.

Many climbing gyms offer a regular membership, so if things work out this could become a fun activity to do together each week.

See a comedy show

If you fancy a low-pressure second date that doesn’t involve too much interaction, a comedy show could be perfect.

Options like the cinema don’t allow any time for you to chat, but comedy is a little different.

You’ll enjoy laughing at jokes together and it won’t be so silent that you can’t chat a little. However, you won’t be forced into an intense conversation for hours.

Pick a comedian you both like, or try out someone new.

It’s been shown that relationship success is tied to a shared sense of humor, so now’s a great time to figure out how compatible you are.

second date ideassecond date ideassecond date ideas

Go geocaching

Want to explore your local area together, but feel like ‘going for a walk’ isn’t one of the best second date ideas?

Then geocaching is for you.

This worldwide treasure hunt involves using your phone’s GPS to search for small containers, or ‘caches’.

Caches can range in size from tiny magnetic screws and small plastic boxes to large chests and ammo cans. Inside, you’ll write down your geocaching username and exchange ‘swaps’, or small gifts for the next finder.

You and your date can have lots of fun searching for caches together, and the sense of achievement when someone shouts ‘Found it!’ is a special moment.

If you want to add an extra element to the date, go shopping for small ‘swap’ items together, hitting up dollars stores for cute trinkets and toys.

Many geocaches are placed at historical or scenic locations, so you might discover a great spot for watching the sunset together. If things go well down the road, you could even end up hiding your own cache in a significant place together.

Some romantics have even proposed by hiding engagement rings inside geocaches – but maybe save that for the third date…

Visit a museum or gallery

Soak up some culture and provoke thoughtful discussions with a trip to your local museum or art gallery.

Art galleries are a great choice whether you’re into art or not – even joking about some of the more ‘out there’ modern art pieces can be fun.

If you fancy something a little more interactive, look for science museums near you. These are typically full of hands-on activities and displays, which ensures that neither of you will get bored.

If you or your date has a niche interest, see if there are any museums nearby that cater to it – you might be surprised.

Galleries and museums provide the perfect balance of time to talk to each other with external distractions and activities if things get awkward.

If the date seems to be going well, extend it by visiting the cafe and gift shop. If not, you can call it a day after a quick look at the exhibitions.

second date ideassecond date ideassecond date ideas

Take a cooking class together

If you want to avoid a boring trip to a restaurant, but still fancy enjoying a nice meal with your date, cooking classes are perfect.

Learning new things together helps you to bond and create shared memories, and there’s a nice sense of accomplishment at the end.

Pick a cooking class you both like  – it could be a particular cuisine you both love, or a tricky dish you’re both keen on making.

After cooking, you’ll sit down and enjoy a meal together with much more to talk about than if you’d simply ordered from a menu.

Couples who learn together are likely to stay together, so start early with this second date idea.

Avoid these second date ideas

Okay, so you’ve got five ideas for winning second dates.

Here’s a quick rundown of second date ideas you should never choose:

  • Cinema – you have no chance to chat and it’s cliche.
  • Meeting the family – it’s way too intense!
  • Repeating what you did for the first time – it’s dull and unimaginative.
  • Going out to dinner – it’s basically the most boring, overused date idea of all time unless it’s a unique meal.

As a rule, you should avoid anything that doesn’t give you time to talk to each other, involves too much commitment, or is too obvious.

Want to make your second date a winner?

Then start planning for one of the amazing second date ideas above.

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