Style Guide – Accessories To Stand Out From The Crowd

Style Guide – Accessories To Stand Out From The Crowd

Style Guide – Accessories To Stand Out From The Crowd

Style Guide – Accessories To Stand Out From The Crowd

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Style Guide – Accessories To Stand Out From The Crowd

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

We teach on our approach anxiety courses that it’s often the little details which make all the difference to help us stand out from the crowd.

By wearing distinguishing accessories like these during the day or on a night out, we’re bound to get noticed for the right reasons.

They’re also a fantastic way of displaying our fitness indicators like creativity, social status and confidence before we have even said a word.

Accessories #1: Hats

I have found that wearing an unusual item like a hat makes it much easier for women to start a conversation with us because they have got something to comment on or compliment us about.

I remember the first time I wore a trilby hat on a night out and I was astonished about the amount of attention it got me.

A great place to buy all sorts of hats with prices to suit all budgets is  and we can make our hat even more unique by adding a big and colourful feather.


Accessories #2: Pocket Squares & Ties

Adding a pocket square is a quick and simple way to transform our outfit into something original and to show our sense of style to the world.

I often receive compliments from women about my pocket square and we can even combine with a skinny tie too; being careful that these should complement each other but not match exactly.  When we receive compliments it makes it far easier to learn how to compliment a girl in a low level situation. has easy instructions of how to fold a pocket square in a few different styles, like in the photos below.

Accessories Pocket Square

Accessories #3: Waistcoats

Waistcoats are perfect for the summer when it’s just too hot for a blazer or jacket, and they add an element of panache and flamboyance to to what we’re wearing.

I have noticed that combining our waistcoat with a number of other accessories really does get heads turning when we walk into a bar at night or down the street when we are practicing our daygame approaches.

Topman and River Island have stylish waistcoats at reasonable prices or for something a little more striking, Ted Baker is my personal favourite.

Accessories Waistcoat

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