An Active Life vs A Passive Life | How To Explore Your Secret Potential

An Active Life vs A Passive Life | How To Explore Your Secret Potential

An Active Life vs A Passive Life | How To Explore Your Secret Potential

An Active Life vs A Passive Life | How To Explore Your Secret Potential

An Active Life vs A Passive Life | How To Explore Your Secret Potential

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

Has anybody asked you whether you lead an active life or a passive life? Probably not in so many words, but if they had, what would your answer be? Difficult question for sure, yet it is worth pondering over.

We all read and we all listen; they are considered passive activities because the pre-conceived notion is that we are just receiving information without effort; we remain in one place not physically doing anything. But we can read and listen actively too.

It is a question of how intently you absorb the words or how intently you hear what is being said which turns these activities from passive into active.

When you regularly take a form of exercise, like running or going to the gym, the idea is that you are leading an active life. But whilst you are physically exercising, very often your mind is set free to drift; to imagine; to contemplate.

Some would say that at this point, you are actively enabling yourself to move into a state of meditation. And meditation is passive, isn’t it? This is a perfect example of balancing an active life without compromising your passivity.

Exercise activates your body and heart which allows your mind and inner-self to quieten; to reflect; to become passive for a while. If an active life is the ability to creatively express yourself, then the passive part of your life permits that self-expression to flourish, expand and grow.

An active life allows you to explore your potential in the outside world whilst a passive life analyses and evaluates that exploration to date; looking at areas in your life that can be improved and enriched.

Let us take another example that is commonly thought to be passive behaviour: body language. A passive form of body language would be hunched and looking down with little or no eye contact, whilst standing or sitting in a relaxed manner and maintaining eye contact without being intimidating is active.

The point is that if you are aware or have knowledge of body language, then all forms – passive, active, assertive, aggressive – can be consciously acted and deployed depending on the circumstances and how you feel.

There is no mystery to life. If you can explore your imagination, you can passively create the inner path of your own choosing – suddenly, you know your pathway. A passive life allows you to explore the imaginative mind and see things that are not possible to see when you are continuously engrossed in your active life.

All you need to do is travel the path that you have generated from your imagination. The trick is to have the courage to actively walk your inner path, but in the outside World.

However, many people wait before taking action – and then it is too late; they wait for the right time to do something; wait for the right situation or people to appear in their life so they can finally do what they want; wait to receive permission from others to live how they want to live.

Clearly, there is too much passivity and not enough action. The truth is that the timing will never be right. The situation will never be ideal. This is when your passive life must be held in check. To put it another way, the time to take action – and therefore control – of your life is now.

The time for passivity is when you are thinking of the past and the future, but it is never in the present. Being in the moment – and staying there – is strictly reserved for those who lead active lives.

Leading both an active and passive life is a fine balance, but one in which decisions and choices must be actively made.

here is a simple reason for this: Yesterday or tomorrow, here and now today, nobody has, is or will give you permission to actively live the life that you have always passively imagined.

Only you can give your passive life permission to lead an active life. Therein, the perfect balance is found.


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