Attention From Women | An Eye Opening Guide (to stimulating awareness)

Attention From Women | An Eye Opening Guide (to stimulating awareness)

Attention From Women | An Eye Opening Guide (to stimulating awareness)

Attention From Women | An Eye Opening Guide (to stimulating awareness)

Attention From Women | An Eye Opening Guide (to stimulating awareness)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

Okay, welcome back to today’s episode where we’re going to be looking at the author, William Shakespeare. We’re going to be looking at three extremely relevant forms of literature that we can use to become better communicators with women.

First of all, I just wanted to teach you guys a fun game that you can play with women or with guys or with groups of people when you first meet them. Then, we’re going to be looking at adding more descriptive words to our dialogue, which sounds complicated, but I’m going to simplify it for you. Then finally, we’re going to be utilising the power of metaphors to become more mysterious and more exciting when we first meet women.

This is the first time I’ve ever talked about using metaphors before and, through studying Shakespeare, has really allowed me to understand a bit more detail, but also to really go out there and test them. So, I’m happy to share that content with you guys later on in this episode.

Let’s just begin with a fun game because it’s always great to have an icebreaker or a great way of just communicating with women when we first meet them.

It’s a very simple game. All you do is you say to a girl or anyone you meet them, “I want you to give me your three favourite verbs.” A verb, for anyone that doesn’t know, is a doing word, so, say, for example, someone says to achieve, to strengthen and to overcome. They’re my three favourite verbs.

In the next step, you say, “Okay, what are your three favourite adjectives?” Adjectives are describing words. Three examples would be excellent, best, and mind-blowing. Then what you do is you look at them all together, say, we to achieve, to strengthen, to overcome, excellent best and mind-blowing.

What you’ll notice straight away is that the verbs and the adjectives paint a picture of the person’s personality is almost a roadmap to understanding who they are as a person. It’s a very simple, easy game to play. As I say, you can play it with groups of people, but it’s quite funny to actually see when people are thinking about what to say and then they come up with their answers. You can’t really help but give away what your personality is like. As I say, it’s a really fun, engaging game. It’s very simple to remember.

Now, onto the second one and what I’m going to do here is I’m going to talk about adjectives, which as I’ve alluded to already, are describing words.

What adjectives allow us to do is they allow us to draw a listener’s attention towards a specific area that we want them to focus on, okay? They also add vibrancy to what we’re speaking about and they’re specifically relevant when you first start learning more about them to send in text messages.

What you can do is take some of the ones that I’m just about to explain, keep them on your phone, and then when you’re sending text messages to women, you can look at this list and then decide whether you can add a few more in to make the text message more vibrant. Okay?

The easiest way of learning about adjectives is the fact that we have five senses. We can see, we can hear, we can feel, we can smell them, we can taste. Each of these senses has specific adjectives that resonate with it. I’m just going to give you three for each. You might need to listen to these a few times or take a few notes on what you prefer, but I use these all the time, and I find them way more engaging in dialogue but also in a text message.

First of all is to see, we have dark, shiny, and colourful. Again, if you imagine you adding them to your dialogue, it’s just going to be way more engaging for women.

Then we have to hear, we have deafening, faint or silent. Again, you can use these when you are actually talking to women and sharing stories. Then we have feeling adjectives which are smooth, heavy or bumpy. As you can tell just by saying these, you can begin to paint a picture of what these actually feel like.

Then we have one which isn’t really used that much, which is our smell. We have fresh, smoky and fishy. Again, if you can imagine describing something to women and you’re using your sense of smell, that’s going to come across as quite an attractive feature because it’s got to highlight your intelligence to be able to give an adjective to your smell. The final one is your taste, which is bitter, sweet and fizzy.

As I said, what you can do that all these words, I’ve given you 15 of them, you can obviously select other ones that you like, but if you just have these in your phone somewhere and when you’re sending a text message or if you guys use Tinder, online dating, just look at what you’ve written and then just start out a few adjectives here and there and it’s certainly going to add to the depth of your dialogue, which is going to convey more intelligence, which again, shows that you’re more attractive.

It’s a very subtle way of just showing off your intelligence while you’re talking to women. I found them to be extremely powerful.

The other thing what I would say is when you start adding more adjectives to your dialogue is you actually begin to self-express better because, actually, we’re limited by our self-expression, by the language that we use. When we add to our vocabulary and we add adjectives, they allow us to actually self-express better, which allows us to feel calmer and more relaxed because we’re putting our point across way better. So that was a really interesting learning point when we got to adjectives.

Now, onto the final one, which is the power of metaphor and what a metaphor really is, it is a description relating to what it is that you’re talking about. It kind of paints a picture in someone’s mind about what it is that you’re trying to convey. Rather than just saying on the nose, you can use a metaphor.

I’m just going to give you some really great metaphors that you can use in your life, again, in texting or when you’re speaking to women that you can take away and you can use. My first one is when someone asks you what you do for a living… okay, so here’s some typical answers. For me, I could say, “Okay, I’m a dating coach,” “I’m an accountant,” or “I’m a trader.” They’re very boring, and they’re going to pigeonhole you into a specific frame in that woman’s eyes.

So with the power of metaphor, which Shakespeare was an absolute genius at using, I mean we have the star-crossed lovers is just a great example of using a powerful metaphor.

What we can do is we can use a metaphor to describe what we do for a living. For example, rather than saying I’m a dating coach, which is quite boring, I can say I help fire cupid’s bow which, as you can see, is an analogy for what I do, but it allows me to paint a picture, which is quite fun and exciting in the girl’s mind.

If you’re an accountant, you can say, I make sure one plus one equals two. Again, it’s not on the nose, but it’s an analogy, it’s a metaphor and it’s also fun. It allows people to guess what it is that you do. The final one, a client of mine’s actually a trader and what I get him to say is, “Have you seen the Wolf of Wall Street?” If I say yes, he says, “Well, that’s what I do,” and that’s an extremely powerful metaphor because there’s so much depth and substance to that character that he then takes on that frame in her mind’s eye, which means he’s exciting, he’s a risk-taker.

So all these things are just a great way of metaphorically telling them what you do for a living. What I suggest is that you can try some of the ones I’ve described here or you can just go and test some of your own. The reason why I love them is that they’re mysterious. Also, they’re fun and they don’t pigeonhole women into thinking about you in a specific way right at the start.

Now, the other thing I wanted to do, I just wanted to give you some general metaphors that you can use that are extremely powerful.

Taking risks is something which is extremely attractive to women. When you just say I’m a risk-taker or I take risks, it’s a little bit boring. I found some ways of conveying it much better. If you’re talking about the fact that you’re a risk-taker, here are three very powerful metaphors. Number one, I felt like I was walking a 50-foot tight rope. Number two, I was standing on the edge of the cliff. Number three, I felt like I was jumping between two skyscrapers.

What all these do is allow you to paint a picture in the person you’re talking to’s mind relating it back to what you’re talking about, but in a way more imaginative way. On the final thing, I wanted to look at was the fitness indicator of overcoming adversity. This one is hugely attractive to women. Again, I’ve got three very powerful metaphors that you can use now in dialogue with women.

The first one is it felt like I was climbing an insurmountable mountain. The second one, I felt like I was breaking through a brick wall. The final one is it felt like a 10,000-mile March wearing a 50-kilogramme backpack. Again, these are just ones that you can take away, you can use in your text messages or you can use in person. But what they allow you to do is use the power of metaphors to communicate better, to be way more engaging and also to highlight your intelligence.

Now, this is quite a difficult subject, so I’ve basically simplified it as much as I possibly can to give you some takeaways.

But what you can do is you can look at any area of this podcast episode and you can go away and you can make the game more fun. You can learn better adjectives or you can come up with your own metaphors. But the aim really is just to bring to your attention how you can use the power of your dialogue and the power of your words like William Shakespeare did to start communicating better.

So to round up this episode, first of all, we covered a fun game that you can play with women, which is basically just getting them to say their three favourite verbs, then their three favourite adjectives. This gives us a roadmap to their personality. Then secondly, we looked at adding some adjectives which are describing words to our vocabulary based on the five senses, which is to see, to hear, to feel, to smell, and to taste.

Then finally, we looked at the power of metaphors as a way of conveying what we do for a living, but also our general storytelling in how we communicate with the world that allows us to come across as more attractive, but also more intelligent. I hope you enjoy today’s episode, and I will catch you tomorrow.


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