How to Become the PUA You’ve Always Dreamed of Being

How to Become the PUA You’ve Always Dreamed of Being

How to Become the PUA You’ve Always Dreamed of Being

How to Become the PUA You’ve Always Dreamed of Being

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How to Become the PUA You’ve Always Dreamed of Being

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

Are you tired of watching on the sidelines? Frustrated with observing all of your friends get success with women while you’re tying to figure out what to say?

There’s more to being a great PUA than looking smooth and using canned one-liners, but it’s not really all that complicated. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Cultivate Your Look

Women want to be with me that take care of themselves, so don’t be a slob. Make sure you are well-groomed, smell good, and your clothes don’t look like they came from the bottom of a gym bag.

Girls will absolutely judge you by your appearance and take immediate notice of what you are wearing. Consider your wardrobe to be an investment in yourself. Take the time to stay on top of trends and enlist a fashionable friend to help you shop.

You don’t necessarily need to be clean-shaven, but you do want to have a neat appearance. Make sure that your hair is washed, facial hair is trimmed, and your man-parts are well-groomed. You expect the girls you hit on to take care of themselves and you owe it to them to do the same.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Scent

Studies have shown that women subconsciously equate a man’s attractiveness with the way he smells. Using great-smelling personal products like soap, shampoo, deodorant, body lotion, and aftershave to create a pleasing layered effect. Don’t forget to add a splash of high-end cologne on your way out the door.

Take care not to overdo it. The last thing you want to do is turn a girl off by choking her with a cloud of perfume. Always use good judgment and err on the side of caution.

Break the Ice

Thanks to smartphones and constant internet access, humans now literally have a shorter attention span than goldfish. This means that you only have a few seconds to catch a girl’s attention and make a great first impression.

Having a few preplanned opening lines will help you to feel confident in your approach. Don’t try to be too smooth. This is your time to show off your charm, and you don’t have long to do it.

Using humor and commenting on the situation at hand are great ways to break the ice. Giving compliments also works, as long as you are not creepy about it. Complementing a girl’s pretty dress or awesome bike is okay, commenting on her great breasts is not.

Have a Real Conversation

While a pick-up line may get you in the door, it’s what you do after that really counts.  You may be surprised to learn that it’s not really that hard to have great conversations with women. All you need to do is show a genuine interest.

The best way to get a girl talking is to ask her about herself and what she does for fun. Try to find out her favorite type of movies or music and whether she has any hobbies. Ask about pets, favorite restaurants, or where she likes to hang out.

A great PUA knows that the goal here is to find something that you have in common so you can create a reason to see her again. Perhaps you figure out that you both love to hike and make a date for later that week. Maybe you both walk your dog at the same park or have been dying to go see that new movie release.

When having a conversation, don’t forget to look her in the eye. The last thing you want to do is be that guy, blatantly checking out her goods while pretending to be interested in what she’s saying. Trust me, if you do this, she will notice.


Confidence is King

When approaching a girl, it’s critical that you show confidence without appearing cocky. Never brag about your awesome job, prestigious penthouse, or badass sports car. Although these things may impress girls, you telling them all about it will not.

On the other hand, never be self-deprecating. Girls want a guy that is strong and in charge, not a wimp with low self-esteem. To become a master PUA you should always be yourself, but also present the very best version of yourself.

Know Your Next Move

If the conversation goes well, the next logical step is to ask for a date. Don’t fumble here. Be very clear and direct.

Simply let the girl know that you like her and want to get to know her better. Hand her your phone and ask her to put her number in. Approach it like you are 100 percent sure that the answer will be yes and you are more likely to succeed.

Don’t be JUST a PUA

If your ultimate goal is to find long-term love, the way you behave yourself on your date will make all the difference. Women are so used to guys who are just looking for sex, a little bit of romance will go a long way. Offer to pick her up for the date. If she agrees, NEVER sit outside and honk the horn. Come to the door, and bring her flowers.

Plan to foot the bill for the date. If you are short on cash, then plan something inexpensive like a picnic in the park. Open car doors, pull out her chair, and always be a gentleman.


Practice Makes Perfect

It’s perfectly normal to feel some anxiety when you are learning to be a PUA. You simply have to put your fears aside and go do it. If you make talking to girls a habit, it will continue to get easier until it becomes second-nature.

Each time you interact with a girl, take note of what did or didn’t work. Use this information to adjust your approach until you have found the perfect formula for you.

Understand that you will get rejected sometimes, that’s just how life works. If a woman is clearly not interested, know when to cut your losses. Continuing to pursue her will make you look desperate and annoying.

Don’t get frustrated or let rejections discourage you. Just like a fine wine, you will continue to improve over time. Keep trying, and you will eventually become a master PUA.

Still not feeling entirely confident? Check out our three-day advanced PUA training course to master all of the skills you need.

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