The Best Places To Meet Women | The Ultimate Guide (Top 5 Locations)

The Best Places To Meet Women | The Ultimate Guide (Top 5 Locations)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, I am going to divulge the 5 best places to meet women during the day.

As I live in London, I will give specific examples of where you can go to meet women during the day in London.

However, you can replicate this process in any city around the world by following the strategies outlined here:

  • This forms a helpful blueprint for anyone who is going travelling by themselves
  • You can work your way around the map going to all the locations outlined
  • It will give you multiple opportunities to meet women from all over the world

The Best Places To Meet Women #1 – Top Instagram Photo Spots

Instagram has become a craze all around the world and one simple and easy thing we can do to meet more women during the day is to visit Instagram hotspots.

All you have to do is look on Google and check out the top Instagram locations in any city that you visit.

Once you know that, you can then plan your day to go there and get your photos taken there.

These are often touristy areas anyway, so it is good to go and have a look; in doing so you will find many opportunities to meet women.

Look up the best photographic spots in the city

Here are three of my favourite places in London:

  • The first is by Tower Bridge

You can go on either side of Tower bridge and you will find there are loads of tourists taking photos with the amazing backdrops there. It is a really good opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

  • The second is is the view from the Shard

If you go to the top of the Shard you will meet loads of different people that are there on holiday and touring. It is a really key position to simply start conversations with people.

  • The third Instagram location is Piccadilly Circus

If you pass by Piccadilly Circus at any point in the year, you will notice there are so many people taking photos all the time, even when it is raining or there are freezing temperatures.

All three are great locations right in the heart of London where there are a lot of occasions to meet women during the day.

As per the image below we can teach you how to approach attractive women during the day.

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Model looking at camera with three ways to approach attractive women

The Best Places To Meet Women #2 – Art Galleries 

What makes galleries in London special is that they are free and they attract tourists from everywhere. Additionally, they are interesting locations to go and learn more about art.

I love art so, for me, it is a great opportunity to go and take part in some tours and to understand more about the artwork displayed.

Some of my favourite galleries are in London.

My personal favourite is the Tate Modern Art Gallery, which is a wonderful gallery right in the heart of London. Irrespective of the amazing artwork, it is worth visiting as the building is colossal and completely unique.

People travel from all over the world to go there.

Therefore, you will find the following:

  • Plenty of moments to meet women of different nationalities
  • Opportunities to start conversations in the gallery, outside the gallery or in the foyer where people tend to linger
  • On the 10th floor of the Blavatnik building, there is a viewing platform that overlooks all of London frequented by many girls who go specifically to have their photos taken with the backdrop

Take a gallery tour to build up your conversation ammunition on dates

If you go to the Tate Modern, they have tours that take place at different intervals throughout the day. They offer 30 to 40-minute introductions to the artwork there.

The tours are fascinating and worth going on.

And as a result, you will find that your conversation ammunition will go up ten-fold. This refers to your ability to have interesting conversations on a wide variety of topics.

It also makes a great first date as you because you are:

  • Doing something cultural
  • Demonstrating intelligence
  • Sharing a memorable experience together

When I do training courses in London, I take people to the Tate Modern and we go on the tours.

There are so many opportunities to meet people there while simultaneously refining your conversation ammunition.

Knowing about artwork and being able to describe it is highly attractive to women.

When you start going to these places, you can get books and discover what makes the artwork great, and then you can relay it to the women that you meet.

Below you will find my infographic designed to help you connect with women. This will help you immeasurably on any first date.

To learn more read my full article here – How To Connect With Women | The Ultimate Guide (top 5 ways)

5 ways to demonstrate empathy with women you meet

The Best Places To Meet Women #3 – Museums

Another place is the National Gallery is right by Trafalgar Square.

In fact, Trafalgar Square itself is a great location as there are always people who take their photos outside and then to go into the gallery inside.

Generally in any city you visit, you will find that the major museums or art galleries tend to be situated by the city squares  – areas that tend to draw people and are great hangout spots.

Trafalgar Square is one of the most bustling locations in London that again draws a multitude of people, including women:

  • When the sun is out it is beautiful and a place where people tend to linger
  • There are buskers and street performers, so has a dynamic and sociable vibe
  • You can go and get a coffee opposite, sit down and take in the atmosphere

Therefore I would definitely suggest looking up the top galleries and museums in any city that you are going to as people congregate there.

You will encounter different opportunities to meet women there during the day.

My infographic below gives you some fun ways to approach women that can be applied during the day. Read the related article where I outline how to implement each approach by clicking on the following link – How To Approach Women | The Ultimate Guide (with illustrations)

9 ways to help you approach women in new places

The Best Places To Meet Women #4 – City Tours

Some of the tours around London are absolutely fantastic. You can book a walking tour pretty well in any area in London. You can also do ghost tours.

Tours are interesting because you get to learn and absorb the culture of the area. Moreover, many tourists including women will be there.

Soaking up the information from the tour offers you other advantages:

  • You can take a woman on a first or second date to the same location with yourself acting as the tour guide
  • Being articulate and knowledgable conveys attractive qualities about you

Walking tours are great because you get the experience of doing it, learning it, meeting women there, and using it as a date venue.

A walking or bus tour makes a great first date

Another tour that you can do is an open bus tour. You may have your reservations about how fun or interesting an open bus tour may be…

Let me tell you – they are amazing.

You actually experience London a completely different way when you do an open bus tour.

You will find:

  • There are people from all over the world
  • You get a greater understanding of London’s history
  • It is a dynamic yet comfortable way of seeing the city and its buildings

This again offers another opportunity to understand more about London and an opportunity to meet people from all over the globe.

Again, in most European cities, a lot of the tours are free. You just donate what you want at the end.

They are a great opportunity to meet people, including the local guy or the girl that is hosting the tour as they can often give you information on stuff that is going on in the evening.


  • Once you have acquired the information from the tour, you can use it on a date or when you meet more people
  • It adds to that conversation ammunition that makes you a more interesting and memorable individual

Take a look at my infographic underneath to gain some great first date tips that will help make any date dynamic and fun.

I suggest you also read my related article here for the in-depth summary – First Date Tips | Top Three Ways (That Make Her Want To See You Again)

Three ways to help you flirt on a first date

The Best Places To Meet Women #5 – Vintage, Arts And Food Markets

London’s markets are awesome.

You get people from everywhere coming to London’s markets looking for bargains.

One of my favourites is Spitalfields Market, which is a wonderful market that has all manner of food, clothing and other odds and end. It is a covered market, so a great place to go when it is raining.

Again you get to meet loads of different women there and it has a great vibe to it.

Brick Lane Market is also close by and also worth checking out as it is a popular trendy market that draws in groups of women.

Another great market is Camden Market, which is a sizable market that has a lot of foot traffic. The food there is exceptional, particularly its designated outdoor food court that serves food from all around the world.

The markets in London are a great location to meet women all year round

Food markets offer another great opportunity to meet people.  On weekends, especially on Sundays, is seemingly when everyone convenes at the food markets.

These are worth visiting as:

  • They are generally busy with a lot of energy
  • People are having fun and in a good mood
  • Groups of women will gather there for a while

Again, you can look up what is going on at the weekend in the city that you are in or the city that you are going to, and you can begin to plan your weekend around that.

This is a blueprint that you can use anywhere in the world to meet and interact with different women.

Once you know how to start a conversation with women the next step is to initiate flirting.

As per the image below we can teach you how to flirt with women. 

To find out more about our training then you can visit the following link – Skype dating confidence courses for men.

Model next to three ways to flirt with women


  • #1 – Top Instagram Photo Spots. Look up the top Instagram locations for any city, then plan your day going and having photos taken there. There will be a multitude of different women there that you can start conversations with.
  • #2 – Art Galleries. They attract tourists from all over the world and you will find areas in the building where you can meet and start conversations with women. You can also build up your conversation ammunition by taking a gallery tour – great for relaying information to the women that you meet.
  • #3 – Museums. Another great place to meet women from different nationalities and improve your conversation ammunition.
  • #4 – City Tours. Walking and bus tours offer great opportunities to meet women and soak up the information and learn about the city’s history and culture. This also makes a great date location to take a girl with yourself acting as the tour guide; being articulate and knowledgeable conveys attractive qualities.
  • #5 – Vintage, Arts And Food Markets. These are bustling locations filled with people who are in a good mood and who tend to linger in the area. This makes it easy to be sociable and engage women in conversation.

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