Social Attraction Style Guide – Blazers

Social Attraction Style Guide – Blazers

Social Attraction Style Guide – Blazers

Social Attraction Style Guide – Blazers

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Social Attraction Style Guide – Blazers

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Standing out from the crowd and getting noticed puts us at a big advantage we are learning how to talk to girls; and one of the most striking items of clothing we can have in our wardrobe is a blazer.

I have found that I get a lot more looks and attention from women when I am wearing a nicely fitted blazer, and I often get compliments about them too.

Blazers accentuate the classic male inverted triangle shape of having a bigger chest and narrower waist, so they actually help us look like we are in better physical condition, which can only be a good thing.

Blazers #1 – The Fit

If our blazer is too big, we completely loose the shape that it is intended to give. Blazers should feel snug across the shoulders and so that we can just about fasten the top button across our stomach without it pulling or stretching.

It is a general rule of fashion that the top button of a blazer should ALWAYS be fastened when standing up but that the bottom button is NEVER fastened, and blazers are specifically made with this in mind.

Having knowledge about each and every item of our wardrobe also helps us to be confident in learning how to compliment a girl about her style.

Blazers Fit

Blazers – Mixing and Matching

Blazers are such a versatile item of clothing and can be worn with a variety of different outfits.

We can wear them casually during the day, with a pair of jeans, t-shirt and fashion trainers; or we can wear them as part of a smarter look for a Friday or Saturday night by combining with a pair of chinos, a shirt and shoes.

We can also accessorise our blazer with a nice pocket square and lapel badge to add an extra bit of flair and panache. They also serve as a great way of learning how to start a conversation with a girl by commenting on her individual items of clothing.

Blazers Combo

Blazers – The brand

My personal favourite brand for blazers is Ted Baker because of the unique designs, figure hugging fit and the attention to detail like unusual buttons, patterned silk linings and coloured panels under the collar.

However, Topman and River Island also have wide selection of good quality and well fitting blazers at more reasonable prices.

When looking for a blazer in any shop, it’s important to remember that a blazer is a stand-alone product and not a suit jacket.  This is especially important when we are learning how to get a girl to like you as it shows that we have solid creative intelligence with our clothing choices.

Blazers Brand

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