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Body Language Secrets – 3 Unusual Facts
Body Language Secrets – 3 Unusual Facts

Body Language Secrets – 3 Unusual Facts

Written by the Social Attraction Team

When we are first learning how to attract women we normally concentrate so much about what to say to her, that we completely forget about what we are sub communicating through our own body language.

Scientific studies have shown that non-verbal communication makes up over half of what we are communicating, but does our body language really make a difference to the response we get from a girl we are engaging with?

I have been able observe body language a great deal on our pua training courses and have seen firsthand what difference a few little changes can make.

Body Language Secrets #1: Approach Indirectly

When we see a girl that we like it seems that our natural instinct is to march directly over to her and engage her in conversation.  What message do you think this kind of approach and body language conveys to her?

It is very direct and may be interpreted as confrontational or aggressive; so therefore she is likely to think that we are either trying to chat her up or perhaps view us as some kind of threat.  So how can we approach her in a way which is less confrontational and get a more positive response?

On our daygame courses, I’ve found that if we walk over like we are going to stroll past without looking at her or making eye contact and then stop at the last minute, it will make us appear much more spontaneous and less confrontational.

body language secretsbody language secretsbody language secrets

Body Language Secrets #2: Body And Feet Pointing Away

When we start to engage women in conversation it’s noticeable that if we face our feet and body away from her with only our head facing towards her, it will show her that we are nonchalant and not likely to cause a threat.  Having this knowledge dramatically reduces our approach anxiety when meeting new women.

The other key point here is that with our body language facing away we are indicating that we are not going to stay that long which will instantly put her mind at rest and allow her to relax and enjoy the conversation without feelings of anxiety creeping in.

body language secretsbody language secretsbody language secrets

Body Language Secrets #3: Smile

When we approach and engage women who we are attracted to we often have a serious look on our face as we are thinking too much about exactly what to say which also sparks off anxious feelings.

The simple act of smiling not only calms our own nerves, but also allows us to come across as warm and friendly; smiling is contagious and she is likely to respond in a positive way. I know this seems obvious, but I’m amazed on our pua training courses how many of us don’t do this especially when we are feeling under pressure or nervous.

body language secretsbody language secretsbody language secrets
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