Books – Our Life’s Heroes

Books – Our Life’s Heroes

Books – Our Life’s Heroes

Books – Our Life’s Heroes

Books – Our Life’s Heroes

Written by Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

Each of us has the ability to pick up a book and start reading; start educating our minds; and start taking control of our own lives. Books inspire us; they challenge our thoughts; they offer us guidance and council in areas where they are most needed.

We are at a unique stage in history where every topic and subject has been written about; every experience known to Man has been described and every thought and sense has been recorded. Right now, at this very moment, we have the capability of accessing every book in existence that has been written – at the touch of a button.

Biographies, self-development books and factual novels allow us to be in contact with the greatest minds that have graced the planet. Their books are available at any time of our choosing – to read, to absorb, to learn and, ultimately, to improve our lives for the better.

Books give us immediate access to role-models and mentors from the past who have overcome insurmountable problems – and lived to tell their tales. These are their teachings, their lessons of life – their truths.

Reading is the most undervalued tool for self-awareness and improvement. If we need to find confidence, we can read inspiring self-development books. If we need to harness our emotions, we can read insightful psychological texts. If we need to re-evaluate our thinking processes, we can read thought-provoking philosophical manuscripts.

Whatever we need, whenever we need it, books are there to assist and aid our requirements – They show us the way, they calm our minds, they remedy our troubles.  It is by the reading of different books that we empower our intellect, create new visions and manage our emotional well-being.

Thriving and succeeding in contemporary society begins with opening a book.

Whatever texts are selected, they are fountains of knowledge which exponentially increase our mind’s internal resources; they change the way we look at our external World; they stimulate us when we are discouraged and strengthen our resolve in the face of adversity.

Books teach us to focus and concentrate on what is most important to us. They keep us open-minded and well-balanced. They provide comfort when we are lonely. They share wisdom when we are uncertain. They make us smile when we are sad. They support us unconditionally. Perhaps, they are not books which we read, after all …

… perhaps, they are simply the heroes in the story of our life.


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