Challenges – Let’s Have Some Fun Meeting Women

Challenges – Let’s Have Some Fun Meeting Women

Challenges – Let’s Have Some Fun Meeting Women

Challenges – Let’s Have Some Fun Meeting Women

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Challenges – Let’s Have Some Fun Meeting Women

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

When learning how to compliment a girl one of my absolute favourite things to do on a night out is to play fun challenges with my group of friends or clients.

It’s really simple; we just take it in turns to complete a dare which involves interacting with other people. For example, “Get a photo taken with a blonde girl in 2 minutes” or “Get down on one knee and propose marriage to a girl in 3 minutes”

The challenges don’t have to be particularly difficult. Just anything which gets us approaching and interacting with other people. Here are three reasons why we should play challenges on a night out:

Challenges #1: Warm Up

We can sometimes perceive the idea of learning how to start a conversation with a girl as difficult or daunting, especially if it is early in the night and we’re not warmed up.

But by pushing out of our comfort zone using this framework, we are quickly able to realise that meeting women is no big deal and is actually loads of fun.

Having a short time limit is vital because it takes our attention away from the fact that we are doing something ‘scary’ because we are so focused on completing the task.


Challenges #2: Get Noticed

Playing games like this is a sure-fire way of getting noticed because we inevitably end up making loads of noise, laughing loudly and taking pictures with a flash.  This is a great way to draw women into our world and learn how to get a girl to like you.

As a result, other people (including women) see the commotion and wonder what’s happening which naturally draws them closer to us.

And from my experience, women are much more likely to be attracted to men who are enjoying themselves, don’t give a damn and are giving out a positive energy.


Challenges #3: The More the Merrier

The whole point of the game is to get us engaging with other people and we will inevitably get into loads of fun interactions with women as a result.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. We can invite the women we meet to join in too, which gives us a golden opportunity to demonstrate lots of positive fitness indicators like leadership, social status and humour.

I have found that when we are learning how to attract women that we can often end up spending the whole evening with girls that we meet in this way because they want to be part of the fun.


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