Community | Our Most Treasured Belonging In Life, Tribes & Identity

Community | Our Most Treasured Belonging In Life, Tribes & Identity

Community | Our Most Treasured Belonging In Life, Tribes & Identity

Community | Our Most Treasured Belonging In Life, Tribes & Identity

Community | Our Most Treasured Belonging In Life, Tribes & Identity

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

It is fair to say that one of the reasons for human existence to continue and thrive is our ability to form relationships with one another for the purpose of meeting common needs. If there is one word by which Humanity can be defined and reflected, then use of the simple word “community” suffices perfectly. The connection of one human being to other human beings who are like-minded is absolutely fundamental to our sense of well-being and survival.

When a group of strangers initially come together and discover they are mutually bound by core principles such as values, history, social environment, economic interests, ethnicity, etc, we describe this inherent facet of our nature as “forming a community”.

In today’s World of fast information, fast transportation, and fast social change, the actual meaning of “community” has lost some of its potency; it has a far deeper connotation than most of us realise. Ironically, because in the modern age we co-exist in diverse societies and cultures that are becoming more exclusive, being part of a community is as vital as it has ever been.

Communities are not physical things. They do not offer havens or places to live. Communities provide moralistic foundations, emotional feelings, solid friendships, and shared experiences.

However and most importantly of all, communities supply members with an identity – an individual sense of belonging to a collective which pledges trust, safety, care and support.

Being identified as a part of that community, individual members are suddenly enabled to influence their environments and empower their peers for a better existence. Without a community to belong to in the 21st Century, people invariably struggle to comprehend their external world and, as a consequence, forget the most priceless of human qualities – their internal worthiness.

Membership of a community is a treasure that cannot be understated or undervalued. It delivers a sense of belonging, sustains emotional strength, and defines the very boundaries of an individual. To know that you are an intrinsic participant in a community – and to know who is not – is the basis for personal success and development.

As a species, we are tribal creatures. We may feel – or are made to feel – different to others; we may have independent and unique thoughts; we may prefer our own company, but we are at our most content when we can share our views and actions with people who instinctively understand where we are coming from – and we join that tribe.

Lone wolves, we are not, but lone wolves there are. Here is a parable that sums up the dynamic creation of a community and demonstrates our most treasured belonging – membership of one:

“A lone wolf announces that he wants to compete in a hunting competition against an invincible pride of lions. Out of necessity and hunger, other lone wolves come from far and away to attend the first meeting as strangers. This group, now affiliated through individual needs, practise together to form a cohesive hunting party that can compete against the well-rehearsed lions and win.

The competition begins and each lone wolf sacrifices self-interest and hunts hard for the benefit of the whole group. Unbelievably they win; the lions are beaten.  Other animals congratulate them on their success and, for the first time, the lone wolves are acknowledged and honoured by their peers. One of the lone wolves suggests that, from now on, they meet up on a regular basis and look for food as one unit. They do, they discuss their skills, they improve their techniques – and never go hungry again.

A community of lone wolves is formed.”


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