How To Compliment A Girl

How To Compliment A Girl

How To Compliment A Girl

How To Compliment A Girl

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How To Compliment A Girl

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Being direct with a compliment is an amazing way to learn how to start a conversation with a girl we like because it can instantly make her feel good about herself and shows a great deal self-confidence.

So many women have told me that I’ve “made their day” after giving them a sincere compliment. Sometimes they even tell me I should do it more often!!!

As with most things in the realm of social interactions, how we do it can make all the difference between getting a positive or negative reaction.

How To Compliment A Girl #1: Our Intention

When we are learning how to compliment a girl we should be giving a compliment because we are confident to express what we think and how we feel rather than trying to get anything in return, it’s about giving not taking.

If we have underhand motives behind giving her a compliment, it is likely to come across as such.

For example if we give her a compliment because we think it will make her like us more as a result, she is probably going to see through it which will make us appear false.

Compliment A GirlCompliment A GirlCompliment A Girl

How To Compliment A Girl #2: Be Observant And Specific

What is it that we first noticed about her and made us want to start talking with her? Is it her brightly coloured dress, her quirky shoes or her cool hat?

Being specific helps the compliment to come across as more sincere because it is unique to her, the more specific we can be about exactly what we liked the quicker we will learn how to attract women by paying them compliments.

We should avoid using generic compliments like “you are very beautiful” because we could say these to any girl and therefore have much less meaning.

Compliment A GirlCompliment A GirlCompliment A Girl

How To Compliment A Girl #3: What Does It Mean About Her?

I have found that it’s good to pick out something which she is able to control like her clothing, jewellery or make-up because these are an expression about her personality rather than her inherited looks.

By doing this we are then able to make an assumption about her character and personality based on our observation. For example, if we really like the way she has styled her hair we can give her a compliment and say it makes her look very creative or independent.

Complimenting women isn’t just something we use as a vehicle to start a new conversation, we can also use the same principles when learning how to kiss a girl for the first time.

Compliment A GirlCompliment A GirlCompliment A Girl

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