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Creating A Vibe Unaffected By Women’s Ornaments
Creating A Vibe Unaffected By Women’s Ornaments

Creating A Vibe Unaffected By Women’s Ornaments

Written by the Social Attraction Team

So we’re talking to our friends in a bar and all of a sudden a group of attractive women walk in.  As a minimum we stare at them for a few seconds, and as a maximum we give our mate a nudge and indicate that he should also take a look.

If we walk into any bar around the globe we will see this type of behavior; and what we all need to recognise is that however subtle we think we are being …WOMEN NOTICE!

On our pick up artist courses we explain that nothing turns women off more than guys gawping at them; so instead here are my top three guidelines to create a vibe that women will want to join.

Creating A Vibe #1: All Eyes On Me

If we are out with our friends and don’t even have the decency to look at them when they are speaking to us, then what type of attributes does this convey about our group and about ourselves?

That we are boring.

That we are waiting for something more exciting to happen.

That we don’t have a fun vibe in our group.

One area that I consistently coach on our pua training courses is that if we can concentrate on the people we are talking to, have loads of fun and generally enjoy ourselves, then women will actually come over to join our group.

Creating A VibeCreating A VibeCreating A Vibe

Creating A Vibe #2: The Present Moment

When our eyes are darting around the bar for ‘opportunities’, we are more likely to feel anxious and start creating negative images in our head about how we might make a bad approach, say something wrong, or get rejected.

We teach on our approach anxiety courses that when we are genuinely engaged with the person that we’re talking to we are able to ‘stay in the moment’ which prevents these dis-empowering thoughts from even entering our mind.

This will mean that, when the opportunity does present itself, we are more relaxed and in a positive state of mind to take action.

Creating A VibeCreating A VibeCreating A Vibe

Creating A Vibe #3: Create Intrigue

We teach on our dating coach courses that when we are creating a fun vibe with lots of positive energy, people are subconsciously drawn closer to us.

A lot of the time I find that women actually approach us to find out what’s going on! And nowhere is this more evident than on the dancefloor in a club.

It really is that simple; if we focus on having fun with our friends instead of being concerned with everything else that’s going on around us, we are likely to give off the right signals, control our emotions, and navigate people towards us.

Creating A VibeCreating A VibeCreating A Vibe
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