Curiosity In Women | How To Turbo-Charge Your Dating Results (top tips)

Curiosity In Women | How To Turbo-Charge Your Dating Results (top tips)

Curiosity In Women | How To Turbo-Charge Your Dating Results (top tips)

Curiosity In Women | How To Turbo-Charge Your Dating Results (top tips)

Curiosity In Women | How To Turbo-Charge Your Dating Results (top tips)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

When Cupid was a boy growing up in Greece, he fell in love with a lady called Psyche, and it didn’t really matter whatever Cupid tried, she really wasn’t that into him. He tried absolutely everything. He tried dancing, he tried singing, he tried speaking to her in every different way, but for some reason, she just wasn’t drawn to him.

So Cupid made a decision one day because he wasn’t really getting any answers from where he currently resided in Greece. He decided that he was going to travel the world and his aim was to find out what is it that attracts women to men. And one day he would then return to Greece and in all of his glory with everything that he’s learned, Psyche would then fall in love with him.

So, Cupid set off and he left Greece, and he went all around the world picking up everything he possibly could. Anyone that had anything to say about how to become more attractive to women, he would listen.

He became an expert in dancing, he became an expert in using his vocabulary, so he was completely eloquent. He became a master of using metaphors and he basically just did everything that a man can do to try and raise his value to become more attractive in a woman’s eyes.

So many years later after Cupid had developed and taken the journey from being a child into becoming a man, he returned home to Greece and with his intention of demonstrating everything he had learned to Psyche. Now, unfortunately, when he arrived, he tried everything that he could, everything that he learned, and Psyche still wasn’t that into him. And it’s at this point that Cupid really lost hope with the world and resigned himself to realising that perhaps Psyche just wasn’t meant for him, that he’d been out and he tried all these amazing things and nothing worked.

And as a few days after Cupid decided to give up, he went to a shooting competition with a bow and arrow. And during one of the final stages of the competition, one of the shooters of the bow and arrow fell over. As he fell, he shot his arrow and the arrow was destined for Psyche. And in the last second Cupid ran over and he caught the arrow in flight just before it hit her.

A lot of people think that Cupid’s bow’s actually related to falling in love, but actually it’s not. It’s about creating curiosity. It was in this moment when he saved Psyche’s life that she finally became curious about him.

Cupid learnt the most valuable lesson he could ever learn in his whole life there, that it wasn’t about trying to be something else, it wasn’t about trying to learn all this language that wasn’t him.

It wasn’t about trying to learn to dance to impress women. Yes, dancing, yes speaking. All of these things are attractive to women, but they’re only really attractive if they’re coming from you at your core. And in this moment of absolute trial, Cupid showed that he really cared about Psyche by protecting her when it mattered the most. No one else there moved to help her at all. And yet instinctively he was there for her. Thus highlighting the fact that he protects about people he cares about.

And at that moment, Psyche became intrigued by him and then they started dating, and obviously the rest resides to Greek mythology. And obviously Cupid took what he learned and this is where his famous bow and arrow comes from, which we see in a lot of kids TV shows and Greek mythology stories, where he fires his bow and he makes people fall in love. As I said, that’s actually not the case. What happens when he fires the arrow is that he ignites curiosity between two people. And I also think it’s interesting that your top lip is also known as your Cupid’s bow because obviously it’s the shape of a bow. But again, that relates back to curiosity.

And the reason why I wanted to share this story on this podcast is, first of all, I love the story. I think it’s fascinating. I’ve been studying Cupid for quite some many years and I only really came across that version of the story quite recently. So I was very excited about sharing it. But it’s a very powerful story that you can actually learn and then recount to women.

Something that’s really interesting when you do share this story with women, is that typically they become more interested in you by telling this story because the story itself is really drawing your attention to the fact that she wasn’t really interested or intrigued by him.

She wasn’t even open to seeing him as a potential partner or someone that she would actually date.

When you recount this story, it kind of opens people’s eyes to realising what’s right in front of them and actually, “Do you know what, potentially this guy could be someone that I could date.” But as I say, I love this story.

I think it’s such a wonderful story. I think that just literally listen to it a few times, learn it, and go and tell it to women, and you’ll start to see that just the story in itself is extremely valuable. And yeah, I don’t know, I just love telling it. I think it’s great. So I hope you enjoyed this story and I’ll catch you next time.


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