A Dating Coach Expert Skills Exposed Written By Gary Gunn

The one main area that many of us want to get better at is approaching new women. Men around the world tend to be fascinated with many different areas of how to attract girls, but when it comes down to it, most of us hardly ever approach and interact with new women.

Dating Coach Expert

There are many different reasons for this ranging from the wrong type of tuition, through to taking too much on in life, leaving ourselves feeling overwhelmed and not relaxed enough to even contemplate starting new conversations.

This is why having the skill set to approach new women is the first step towards getting better results, so here are the three essentials which I do every single time I approach a new girl.

Dating Coach Expert #1: Proximity

As a professional dating coach, the very first step we need to take towards talking to new people is to simple go and get near them, so proximity so to speak. Many of us feel a sense of anxiety about approaching new women because we are thinking too far ahead in the interaction. If we are able to work one step at a time then our anxiety diminishes.

Dating Coaching Expert

So the first essential I would like to expose is to simply go and get used to taking up positions near attractive women. At our live training events we draw diagrams of women in cafes and bars and then draw exactly how we can get close to them.

The simple act of thinking about this in advance also gives us a clear structure and helps us to feel more relaxed when opportunities present themselves.

Dating Coach Expert #2: Using Our Phones

The easiest way to get into a new conversation is to take out our smart phone and to ask the girl we like to take a photo of us or our group. By doing this we are now legitimately in a new conversation in a normal and natural way.


On our three day courses we always have loads of questions about different ways to approach women, it’s my belief that we should always go with the easiest way, so that we can reserve other mental faculties for the rest of the conversation.

Dating Coach Expert #3: Making Statements

Once we are in a new interaction the next essential is to make a statement about the girl as opposed to asking her a question. The easiest way to do this is to take any question and make it into a guess about the girl instead. For example “What do you do for a living?” Becomes “You look like you work in the fashion industry.”

This adds some spontaneity and energy into the interaction, and as a dating coach for men, in a nutshell these three essentials practiced correctly will lead to many more interactions rather than focusing too far ahead in the future.

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