Dating Coach Oslo #1 – Increase Your Confidence With Women From Home

Welcome to our dating coach Oslo page. Here you will find out more information about the dating coaching that we offer in Oslo and Noway. Also, how we can help you to get better results with women.

  • All of our courses are available via Skype.
  • We film each segment and send you a copy to keep.
  • Each coaching session is 45-minutes in length.

Dating Coach Oslo #2 – What do you teach in your courses?

There are many different aspects to our coaching sessions, including:

  • How to approach women you find attractive. This ranges from overcoming your fear of speaking to attractive women to learning specific ways to engage women in conversation in any scenario. Also, we teach you how to make a lasting and impactful first impression with women.
  • The best strategies for flirting with women. From being fun, light-hearted and playful when you first meet women to advanced ways of building sexual tension with girls who you find attractive. Also, we teach you via our role plays how to use reflective listening to flirt with women.
  • How to connect with women. This includes demonstrating empathy to build the first foundations of trust. Furthermore, we teach you how to build and sustain strong bonds with women that can set-up long term relationships.

Also, please see our infographic below which outlines more about our Skype dating confidence courses:

Dating coach in Olso

Dating Coach Oslo #3 – Can you help me with body language and eye contact with women?

Yes, as you can see from the infographic above we also cover:

  • Body language tutorials. We can teach you how to use your posture to increase your dating results with women. In addition, by adopting powerful body language poses you can instantly become more confident and attractive around women.
  • Dating role-plays. From first interactions, through to first and second dates. Also, in our courses, we have female coaching assistants on hand to help you practice specific dating situations. This can be anything from managing conflict with women to flirting and connecting in conversation.
  • Eye contact training. We can teach you how to create eye contact attraction with women. This ranges from prolonged eye contact to help you convey confidence through to an upside-down triangle gaze to increase sexual tension.
  • Meditation practices. These are the powerful rituals that will allow you to develop your confidence from the inside. In addition, we teach a wide variety of different meditation practices from emotional clearances through to Tantra practices.

Dating Coach Oslo #4 – How long have you been coaching for?

We have been offering dating confidence courses for men since 2008.

We started off coaching In London and the UK and then branched out to offer courses all over Europe. Over the last 10 years, we have hosted courses in fifteen major cities across Europe.

Now with Skype coaching, we are able to offer our courses at a more affordable rate.

Dating Coach Oslo #5 – How much are your courses?

All of our courses are hosted by our founder Gary Gunn; who has a female coaching assistant to help with your dating role-plays.

Here is an overview of the costs:

  • Our courses start at £99 for a Skype taster session.
  • Weekly Skype coaching sessions are £499 per month.
  • It is best to start by booking a free consultation call with Gary Gunn below.

Please also note that all of our courses come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Gary Gunn, Founder of Social Attraction with female coaching assistantGary Gunn – Founder of Social Attraction

Hi there, I offer a range of different ways that I can help you to increase your dating confidence.

Including live training events, skype video coaching and online dating makeovers.

For detailed 1-1 advice on how I can help you to get better dating results then feel free to book a free consultation where I will be happy to help.


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