Dating Coach – 7 Powerful Ways To Meet And Attract Women Today

Dating Coach – 7 Powerful Ways To Meet And Attract Women Today

Dating Coach – 7 Powerful Ways To Meet And Attract Women Today

Dating Coach – 7 Powerful Ways To Meet And Attract Women Today

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Dating Coach – 7 Powerful Ways To Meet And Attract Women Today

Written by Social Attraction - Specialist courses helping you get better with women

In this article I’m going to highlight seven powerful principles that we can put into use immediately to meet and attract more women.  These range from pick up artist philosophies, self development tools through to our current lifestyle design.

Dating Coach #1: Action Planning

When I think back to all those years ago when I was unattractive to women, I can trace back what changed my life to one specific decision.  That decision was to write out what I wanted from life, so my goals so to speak.

Daygame Tips – Goals

My first objective was to be able to approach any woman at any time and get a good response, which at that time in my life actually seemed quite unrealistic.  That’s the one thing I learned about goal setting, it can seem ridiculous to someone who we share our dreams with, but if we can see it on our minds eye then we can certainly achieve it.

At the beginning of our daygame courses we focus all of our attention on setting goals and objectives from our tuition. We’ve found that this tends to keep our minds directly focused on the task at hand.

Dating Coach #2: Visualisations

Visualisations allow us to add mental images and videos to our written goals. When we are able to see ourselves already successful with women, it immediately increase our motivation and allows us to remain confident that we can stick to our task.

How To Visualise For Success With Women

As we can see in the video above meditating before we visualise also allows us to calms our minds and gain mental clarity.  Headspace is a great mobile app if we want to learn how to meditate on a daily basis.

We teach on our pua training courses that visualisations are also a powerful tool for when we experience negative circumstances with women. When we are able to maintain a clear mental image of our objectives, we find that we tend to keep on going despite some small concerns along the way.

Dating CoachDating CoachDating Coach

Dating Coach #3: Approaching Women

With the greatest will in the world we can focus all of our effort, energy and attention on simply thinking about the best way to approach new women.  In reality if we can just get functional by talking to a few new people on a daily basis, then all of a sudden we begin to increase our confidence with women.

How to Approach a Girl – The Camera Opener

As we can see in the video above, by using our mobile phone we can easily get into new interactions with girls without any approach anxiety.  In the initial stages of becoming more confident with women, all new experiences are going to help us towards achieving our goals.

It’s also important to remember that interacting with new women always starts with us initiating a new interaction. The more practice we can get approaching new girls, the quicker we will begin to grow in confidence.

Dating Coach #4: Affirmations

In essence an affirmation is a big fat YES, an assertion that something is true. Affirmations have the power to instantly change our state and the way that we feel about ourselves. We can use them at any point in time to help our mental state, or by using them on a repeated basis they can even change some of our self our beliefs.

Daygame Tips – Affirmations

My personal favourite mantras are “I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!”, “All things are possible to he who believes.” and “I am confident, happy and relaxed.” As we can see from these affirmations they all use very positive and persuasive language to aid our confidence.

On our pick up artist courses we teach that the easiest way to come up with our own affirmation is to ask ourselves “What one piece of advice would I give my grandchildren if I only had three seconds to pass on my wisdom?” The answer to this question tends to create our own individual mantra.

Dating CoachDating CoachDating Coach

Dating Coach #5: Journaling

A fantastic way to learn from our interactions with women is to write about them in a journal at the end of every day. Getting our thoughts out of our head and down on paper helps us to view them from a different perspective, and offers us a great way of reflecting and learning.

How To Pick Up Girls In Rome – Dating Coach Italy

As we can see in the video above I ask two powerful questions. Firstly “What did you do right?” as this immediately focuses our minds on the positives.  Then I follow up with“What will you add next time?” as it allows us to  instantaneously learn from our experiences. Similarly we can ask ourselves exactly the same questions when writing our daily journal about our interactions with women.

We’ve found that keeping a journal on a daily basis keeps our minds mentally sharp and focused.  As a direct result we tend to use more expressive language when we speak to women and this dramatically improves our pua text game.

Dating Coach #6: Eye Contact

Holding strong eye contact with women helps us to come across as more confident and as result more attractive.  The reason why many of us break eye contact with attractive girls is because we are not comfortable enough with a feeling of tension in a conversation.

Eye Contact Attraction Building Techniques

We tend to hold amazing eye contact with women until we begin to feel this pressure build and then we look away.  On our daygame courses we teach that this is the exact point where we need to get used to that uncomfortable feeling as this is what begins to create sexual tension with women.

When we maintain prolonged eye contact and let the tension build, we find that it’s often women who begin to feel uncomfortable and end up looking away.  This is pretty well the ideal situation when we are interacting with girls for the very first time.

Dating coachDating coachDating Coach
Dating Coach #7: Emotions

Being unaffected by women’s beauty has to be one of the most attractive qualities that we can harness to get better results with girls.  When we are genuinely emotionally unaffected in the presence of attractive women it allows us to remain cool, calm and collected in conversation.

With the use of all of the self development tools which I have highlighted in this article we are able to become more emotionally relaxed around attractive women.  Over time we can further reduce our approach anxiety and how we are affected by women’s looks and beauty.

The end result is that to get the best results with women we must simultaneously work on our self development to help us to feel more composed, as well as our real life dating approach to enable us to make the best use of our day to day opportunities.

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