Dating After The Coronavirus | Top Three Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Masses

Dating After The Coronavirus | Top Three Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Masses

Dating After The Coronavirus | Top Three Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Masses

Dating After The Coronavirus | Top Three Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Masses

Dating After The Coronavirus | Top Three Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Masses

Written by Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

It may be days, weeks or even months before bars, restaurants and social meetings are back to usual. During this period dating will inevitably have to adapt to the current concerns of humanity to stop the spread of the coronavirus. It is worth taking some time to conjecture forward to see what dating will look like once the restrictions of movement are lifted and men and women are liberated.

It could end up like the swinging sixties or it could also leave society changed forever and with it the current dating rituals left in the past – dating as we know it has an uncertain future.  In this tentative period, there is one way, however, in which we can all create some certainty in our lives and that is to change our gaze and to lift our eyes to look further into the distance.

By doing this we are able to plan our dating strategy in advance and also take advantage of the current circumstances to develop our dating lives; so here are my top three ways to stay ahead of the masses when society returns back to usual.

Dating After The Coronavirus #1: Use Online Dating Now

With social distancing, online dating is rapidly becoming the only way to meet and to engage new women in conversation. One of the most difficult issues with meeting girls online and not being able to meet them for months is that this can be a huge commitment in time, effort and energy for both parties. One of the ways in which we can combat this is to initiate contact with women, get to know them over the dating app and then to move the conversation onto a more relaxed platform like Whatsapp messenger.

Once we are conversing with women on Whatsapp it allows us more of an opportunity to get to know them further over the upcoming days, weeks and maybe months leading up to a date in person. This has the effect of allowing you the luxury of having some dates at the ready for when social restrictions are relaxed; instead of waiting until then and then competing with the masses for a fixed amount of dates available.

If you would like to get better results online dating then you can grab a copy of my best-selling book “An Education In (Online) Dating” here. In my book, you will find a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of online dating. We also offer a professional online dating profile writing service, taking our ten years of experience into account, to write your dating profile on your behalf. To learn more about our service you can schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation call with me here.

Dating After The Coronavirus #2: Get Creative

On my art of seduction courses, I explain that the best enticers in history are not those men who are chasing women in bars and nightclubs; in fact, the best enticers are the men who offer the most value to the world. One of the ways in which we can all do this is by letting loose our creative energies.

When I say that launching my podcast was the best decision of my life, I do not say that lightly. The podcast allowed me to clear my thoughts, to challenge ideas, to meet new people, to express myself in a way that I never thought possible – and the side effect was that it is also highly alluring to women. Creative men have an air of confidence and are intoxicating to women because it conveys so many great attributes about them.

  1. They are not afraid of criticism if they are putting their art online.
  2. They have an opinion and are not afraid to share it.
  3. They are good with their time if they can find moments for self-expression.

On the follow up from my three-day courses, many of my clients decide to start creating something in their life, a book, a blog, a podcast, painting – it does not matter what your art form is, what is important is that you are a creator.

If you would like help taking the steps to launch your own form of self-expression then you can schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation call with me here. By their nature creative men do not struggle to meet and attract women because they are leading an attractive lifestyle; this is how you move from worrying about what to say and where to go on a date, to spending your time working on your creations knowing that when you meet women:

  • You can talk about your art.
  • You can connect with women who are also self-expressing.
  • You can get everything off your chest through your art to allow you to become more present in conversation with women.

The end result is that when we move from consuming content to creating art the by-product is that we become a more intoxicating human being full stop.

Dating After The Coronavirus #3: Start Studying From Home Today

One of the luxuries of many of us now working at home for the foreseeable future is that we now have more time available to either sit on the couch watching Netflix, like I’m sure many of us will, or we can use this as an opportunity to start studying and develop our dating lives.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to reduce the price of our dating advice video vault, by 50%, to allow you the opportunity of learning our best dating strategies at half the investment amount. Our dating advice video vault is available here.

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