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Dating Tips Q&A – 3 Ways To Improve Our Dates With Women
Dating Tips Q&A – 3 Ways To Improve Our Dates With Women

Dating Tips Q&A – 3 Ways To Improve Our Dates With Women

Written by the Social Attraction Team

Going on a first date with a girl should be a wonderful and exciting experience, for us and for her.

I have found that many of us are unsure of how to make a date go smoothly, so here are three great answers to your questions from Gary Gunn.

Dating TipsDating TipsDating Tips

Dating Tips Q&A: Fitness Indicators

Displaying negative fitness indicators when we are on a first date can have disastrous consequences, the same way we need to be very careful about what we send as text message, or our entire pua text game strategy.

Gary describes why being dismissive can instantly make a girl lose attraction to us and what we can do to stop this happening in the future.

Q&A Why Was A Girl Instantly Not Attracted To Me?

Dating Tips Q&A: Give Her Space

In this video Gary shows us how we can help to make a girl feel more comfortable by giving her space when she comes back to our place after a date.  We can also pick up clues from her body language about how relaxed she is feeling in our environment.

The ends result is that the more relaxed we are then the more relaxed women are going to feel in our presence which is also true when we are learning how to kiss a girl for the first time.

Q&A How Can I Get Women To Be More Open When They Come Back To My Flat?

Dating Tips Q&A: Get A Second Date

It can be very frustrating when we go on a first date with a girl, but then never hear anything from her again and we don’t know why.  This is normally because we need to put more attention on learning how to talk to girls.

Gary explains a common mistake that many guys make on a first date and how we can overcome this in a fun and easy way.

Q&A I Struggle To Get A Second Date What Can I Do?

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