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This course has now been replaced with our award-winning three day course.  Click here to find out more.


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We first started by training males in the art of ways to connect with  ladies back in Brighton in 2006.

We now host Daygame Birmingham sessions, as well as sessions in most of the major cities around Europe. We run complete training weekend-breaks focused on boosting our total self-confidence and also enticing females into our lives.

Our training program is divided into three different sectors, with a maximum of three clients going to each weekend break. Here are the three major concepts which are covered on our training course:

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Daygame Birmingham Course #1: Approaching Women

Having the right technique to talk to ladies is the crucial component to enhancing our success, so here are the three kinds of methods that we educate you on during our weekend:

The compliment opener is without a doubt one of the most efficient methods to begin a discussion throughout the day. It might appear discouraging in the beginning; nonetheless, with the right support support it ends up being an all-natural part of our everyday life.

The opinion opener is an excellent means to fire up a lengthy discussion with a single woman or perhaps even teams of women. It supplies us with a fantastic means to speak with women over heartwarming subjects, meaning it’s much easier to relocate the conversation onto brand-new subjects.

The functional opener is a really efficient method to begin a brand-new communication with ladies; it can be as basic as requesting directions, and serves as a fantastic way to learn how to approach strangers.

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Daygame Birmingham Training #2: The Art Of Power Posing

Power posing will certainly transform your life, and we are experts in training you in three primary positions:

The Power Pose is undoubtedly our ideal method to combat the sensation of feeling rejected. When we draw a straightforward power pose after every communication it either offers to “up our state” or boost our sensation of success.

The Attention Pose is an easy yet efficient means to energise our own selves right into activity. Frequently we stroll past attractive women throughout the day and miss vital opportunities; with this power pose we can now start a new interaction with a second’s notification.

The Big Dog Pose is a method of altering our gestures to have a massive result on exactly how we are evaluated. It also instantaneously generates an astonishing quantity of self-worth.

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Daygame Birmingham #3: Fundamental Conversation Techniques

Altering the method that we connect with women has an amazing result on every one of our communications; we concentrate on instructing these three strategies:

Frame control is exactly how the masters of interaction conduct themselves throughout all interactions. We will certainly supply essential understandings as well as methods to guarantee that you are in control of where the chat progresses in an organic tone.

Conversational threading is a method to guarantee that we know what to talk about throughout an interaction, and minimizes awkward moments. We break down communication into its most basic concepts to make certain that having a chat is efficient as well as very easy.

Using mystery is an awesome means of immediately inciting fascination in girls, meaning that we no longer feel drawn into boring and awkward conversations about our jobs and income.

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