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The Social Attraction Academy Daygame Brighton division was founded back in 2006, where we initially began by coaching men in the art of how to approach and interact with women during the day.

Since then, we have evolved tremendously and now coach Daygame all over Europe.  We operate full training weekends aimed at improving our overall confidence and success attracting women during our day to day life.

Our training course is split into three separate segments, with a maximum of three clients attending per weekend.  Here are three of the main principles which are covered on our course:

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Daygame Brighton #1: Power Posing 

Power posing will change your life, and we specialise in coaching three main stances:

The Attention Pose is a simple yet effective way to energise ourselves into action.  Too often we walk past attractive women during the day and miss our opportunity; with this power pose we can engage any woman with a moment’s notice.

The Big Dog Pose is a way of changing our body language to have a huge effect on how we are perceived, looked at and appraised.  It also instantly conveys an incredible amount of confidence, poise and magnetism.

The Power Pose is unquestionably our best tool to fight against the feeling of rejection.  When we pull a simple power pose after every interaction it either serves to break our state or enhance our feeling of success.

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Daygame Brighton Training #2: The Approach

Having the right method to approach women we are attracted to is the key ingredient to increasing our success, so here are the three types of approaches that we teach:

The functional opener is a very effective way to start a new interaction with women; it can be as simple as asking for directions, but it also serves as a great opportunity for us to analyse our individual style.

The opinion opener is a great way to ignite a long conversation with a single woman or even groups of women.  It offers us a great way to converse with women over emotive topics, meaning it’s easier to move onto new topics.

The compliment opener is by far the most effective way to start a conversation during the day.  It may seem daunting at first; however, with practice and guidance it becomes a natural part of our day to day life.

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Daygame Brighton Course #3: Simple Conversation Principles

Changing the way that we communicate has an incredible effect on all of our interactions; we focus on teaching the three following techniques:

The use of mystery is a fantastic way of instantly becoming more interesting to women, meaning that we no longer find ourselves drawn into dull conversations.

Conversational threading is a way to ensure that we no longer run out of what to say during a conversation.  We break down communication into it simplest principles to ensure that continuing a conversation is easy and effective.

Frame control is how the masters of communication conduct themselves during an interaction. We will offer key insights and role plays to ensure that you are in control of where the conversation flows in a natural way,

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