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After huge success with our Daygame coaching across the south cost, we decided to launch our Daygame London Division in the summer of 2011.

We pride ourselves on our quick and life changing results, completed over our twelve hour coaching weekend.  We split our course into three separate segments and only allow three clients to be coached per trainer per weekend.

Here are three of the main components which are covered in our programme:

Daygame London

Daygame London #1: Powerful Body Language Postures

We specialise in coaching three main stances:

Changing our body language has a huge effect on how we are feeling which is why our Power Pose is unquestionably our best device to battle against the feeling of rejection.

We have also developed an attention pose which serves to energise us into action for the times when we are feeling dejected or tired. This helps ensure we can make an approach with a moment’s notice.

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More often than not deciding how to stand in a confident manner can prove difficult; this is why we developed The Big Dog Pose which is a quick way of conveying an extraordinary volume of self- poise and magnetism.

Daygame London #2: Best Methods To Approach Women During The Day

Outlined here are the three sorts of approaches that we teach:

The compliment opener is by far the most effective way to start a conversation during the day.  It’s a simple method of tuning into women and complimenting them about something unique.

The easiest way to approach women is known as a functional opener; this really is as simple as asking for directions or asking women the time.  It’s noted that a functional opener can serve as a great warm up in conversation.

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Perhaps the most common way to converse with women is known as an opinion opener, which delivers us a fantastic way to converse with women over emotive topics and is a very effective communication tool.

Daygame London #3: Advanced Communication Techniques

Our coaching instills the following methods of communication:

The use of mystery is an excellent means of immediately generating extra interest to girls.  This enables us to no longer be drawn into boring conversations.

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Conversational threading is a strategy to make sure that we no longer run out of what to say during a conversation, and also acts as an aid to move the conversation away from dull topics.

Lastly, frame control is a way of making sure that we’re in control of where the conversation flows in a natural fashion.

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