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We host daygame sessions all over Europe and due to popular demand, we finally launched our Daygame Manchester division back in the summer of 2012.

Our daygame sessions are focused on increasing opportunities to approach women during the day, and then using this new found confidence to draw women into our daily lives.

We only allow a maximum of three clients to attend per trainer, per weekend, to ensure our main concepts are covered in detail.  Here are some of the leading principles that you’ll learn over the program:

Daygame Manchester

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Daygame Manchester #1: Body Language

We will educate you on the power of your body, and demonstrate how in pulling three separate poses we can energise ourselves at any time to converse with new women.

Frequently we walk past attractive women throughout the day and miss our chance; with the attention power pose we rejuvenate ourselves instantly to make an approach.

One fantastic method to modify our body movement to affect how we are viewed is known as The Big Dog Pose. The aim of this pose is to immediately create self confidence on the inside.

Finally, when we draw a Power Pose after every engagement, we either destroy our negative state or improve our awareness of our success.

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Daygame Manchester #2: Approaching Women During The Day

Here are the three different methods to approach women that we cover on our course:

The opinion opener is a fantastic means to fire up a lengthy discussion with a single woman and even groups of girls; it focuses on the fact that we ask women for their opinion over an emotive topic.

An extremely easy way to begin a brand-new communication with girls can range from requesting directions to asking for the time; this is known as a functional opener.

Our head coach Simon Kennedy specialises in coaching the compliment opener.  It is a brave and lively way to stop a girl in the street and start talking to her.

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Daygame Manchester #3: Simple Conversation Principles

Once we employ the following principles our confidence during natural conversations will increase dramatically.

Being mysterious in a conversation offers us the opportunity to find out more about the girl, whilst also letting the interaction flow without giving too much away about ourselves.

Learning the fine art of conversational threading offers us the opportunity to ensure we never run out of what to say again, guaranteeing a longer lasting interaction.

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