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Why An Emotional Connection Forms Such A Strong Bond
Why An Emotional Connection Forms Such A Strong Bond

Why An Emotional Connection Forms Such A Strong Bond

Written by the Social Attraction Team

When we are learning how to start a conversation with a girl it can be incredibly frustrating when we meet a woman who we like, have an amazing interaction and exchange numbers, but then we never end up meeting her again.

The main focus of these videos is to show three different things we can do make it more likely that she’ll want to see us again, even when we may only have a short interaction.

Emotional ConnectionEmotional ConnectionEmotional Connection

 Emotional Connection #1: Interesting Questions

By forming an emotional connection, I have found that women are much more inclined to want to see us again in the future. Gary achieves this by asking her a couple of interesting questions which uncovers that she’s interested in a subject that he has previously studied.

Gary also demonstrates an amazing way to learn how to talk to girls by staying in control of the interaction when she says that she is in a rush and pushed for time.

Daygame Manchester – Social Attraction – Gary Gunn

Emotional Connection #2: Set Up A Date

From my experience of learning how to get a girl to like you, it’s much more powerful to set up a future date rather than just getting a girls number. At the end of this interaction Gary finds a reason why they can meet up again in the future by suggesting getting together for coffee the next time they are both in London.

Also in the video Gary uses a simple assumption about her personality to get her to open up after the initial compliment.

Daygame Manchester – Blonde Model – Gary Gunn

Emotional Connection #3: Set A Challenge

When Gary is exchanging numbers at the end of the video, he flirts with her about being Australian and sets her fun challenge which gives her additional reasons to join him for drinks later that day.

After the initial approach, Gary shows how to inject energy into the interaction using a simple principle we can all start using straight away.

Daygame London – Australian Girl – With Tutorial

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