Emotional Intelligence | How EQ Helps You To Navigate Social Situations

Emotional Intelligence | How EQ Helps You To Navigate Social Situations

Emotional Intelligence | How EQ Helps You To Navigate Social Situations

Emotional Intelligence | How EQ Helps You To Navigate Social Situations

Emotional Intelligence | How EQ Helps You To Navigate Social Situations

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

The term ‘Emotional Intelligence’ was first used in 1990 and can be defined as the ability to perceive, identify and manage your emotions accurately and effectively, both for yourself and those around you. The importance of measuring EQ (Emotional Quotient), as opposed to IQ (Intelligence Quotient), is the emotional capacity to guide your own actions and reactions which, in turn, is able to influence the emotional responses of others.

The emergence of Emotional Intelligence over the past 30 years has led to a standardised framework which applies intelligence to particular emotional beliefs and conceptions, previously undocumented. Consequently, awareness of EQ has demonstrably aided people across the World who pursue a more fulfilled and contented life within their personal and professional arenas alike.

Just as someone born with a high IQ, there are people who naturally inherit a high EQ.

However, by learning and practising certain behaviours and skills, Emotional Intelligence is a skill that can be developed. We all have a brain which possesses the faculty of adapting to new emotional thinking and habits which eventually make positive responses instinctive as well as removing unwanted emotional traits.
The fundamental skills of a high EQ are as follows:

• To identify your feelings.
• To interpret and comprehend your emotions.
• To understand the impact of your emotions on others.
• To manage your own emotions.
• To manage other people’s emotions.

It is generally regarded that Emotional Intelligence has 5 pertinent categories which should be developed and applied in raising the level of one’s emotional characteristics:

1. Self-Awareness
Self-awareness means to accurately recognise your emotions, strengths, limitations, actions and understand how these have an effect on others around you.

2. Self-Regulation
Self-regulation enables you to prudently manage your emotions and instincts – to either demonstrate or hold back certain emotions depending on what is necessary in the moment and beneficial – to all parties – relative to the circumstances at hand.

3. Self-Motivation
Being self-motivated consists of full commitment to what you truly enjoy doing; and setting then working towards achieving your goals. It does not involve being motivated by money or status.

4. Empathy
To show empathy is to identify and understand someone else’s emotions by imagining yourself ‘in their shoes’ and the full understanding of how an individual feels and why they behave in a certain way. As a result, your compassion and value in helping another to tackle a problem increases as you react in a genuine manner to their concerns.

5. Social Skills
Being able to effectively communicate is vital in improving social skills. Managing relationships in a way that benefits another person’s way of life has a knock-on effect of building rapport, trust and respect with and for you. Developing your communication skills can highlight the manner in which others would like to be treated and create a synergetic social bond between you as, similarly, they will want to mirror your conduct towards them.

It is important to note that emotions have a mind of their own which, when left unchecked, can have very opposite views to your rational and logical psyche. However, emotional intelligence is not contrary to the commonly accepted intellect of humans – or to put it another way: the heart overruling the head.

Indeed, it is the unique joining of these forces as one whole that enables reasoning, judgement and insight to flourish.


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