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Eye Contact Attraction Building Techniques
Eye Contact Attraction Building Techniques

Eye Contact Attraction Building Techniques

Written by the Social Attraction Team

After hosting pick up artist courses for many years, I’ve found that the most natural and commanding way to build attraction with women is through our eyes. It’s certainly not a new concept that eye contact helps to build a strong attraction with girls; however what I have noticed is that many of us tend to break eye contact with women at the most crucial time.

If we are able to maintain a strong and deep eye contact with girls when the tension starts to increase, this is really when we begin to learn how to attract women on an instinctive level.  When we get our eye contact working for us, our results with girls will dramatically improve.

eye contact attractioneye contact attractioneye contact attraction

Eye Contact Attraction #1: Building Tension

On our pua training courses I’m often posed the following types of questions:

“I always run out of things to say, what can I do?”

“How do I ensure I remember what to say?”

“What can I talk about to keep the conversation going?”

In reality when we begin to start asking ourselves these types of questions, these are the exact moments when we need to relax and maintain deep eye contact.  Often many of us in these moments can begin to feel insecure and we start to ask women more questions, or we break eye contact and look away as we change the conversational topic.

Eye Contact Attraction

As we can see in the video, if we are able to maintain our composure and relax into the moment keeping eye contact, then we will start to ignite attraction in the woman we are speaking with; and very quickly all of our insecurities will fade away. Significantly, the woman will begin to look away and feel slightly insecure – it is this moment right here that is otherwise known as “attraction”.

Eye Contact Attraction #2: Confidence

The reality is that we can never truly hide from eye contact; moreover there is something truly either daunting or amazing at holding eye contact with women.  During every single interaction there will be one more deeply confident individual who during their normal conversing will make the other person feel slightly apprehensive, and these are the moments that we really want to attain for ourselves.

On our daygame courses we teach that as a way of starting off this process the very next time that we begin to feel this emotion whilst holding a woman’s gaze, if we can remember to just relax for one or even two seconds we will be facing our fears, and all of a sudden we will begin to relax into the moment. This really is the instant hat we can cherish and feel an unbelievable amount of direct attraction.

eye contact attractioneye contact attractioneye contact attraction
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