Eye Contact Attraction | The Power Of Eye Sex (what you need to know)

Eye Contact Attraction | The Power Of Eye Sex (what you need to know)

Eye Contact Attraction | The Power Of Eye Sex (what you need to know)

Eye Contact Attraction | The Power Of Eye Sex (what you need to know)

Eye Contact Attraction | The Power Of Eye Sex (what you need to know)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, you will learn how to create eye contact attraction with women.

I will be teaching you the best techniques that I teach in my dating confidence courses.

These are invaluable when you first meet women to generate powerful feelings of attraction and allurement.

  • In the first three points, I will teach you the fundamentals of eye contact attraction with women
  • In the second section, I will demonstrate the power of eye sex when you first meet women
  • You will also find a summary of the main points at the end of this article

Eye Contact Attraction #1 – Reading her eye movements

So first of all, if we get eye contact with a girl and she looks down, we can consider this a sign that she might be attracted to us.

However, if she looks up and away, it is generally a sign that she is not into us.

And finally, if she looks to the side it is a sign she may or may not be attracted to us.

So that is the first step in understanding a woman’s eye contact.

The other thing that I would like to add here is to also take notice of a woman’s other body language response. Specifically, whether her initial response to you has an energy to it.

What I mean by that is that she stands up straight, leans in towards you, or she touches her hair. In fact, touching her hair is a really strong indicator that there is an attraction there.

I have created the following infographic for you, so you know when a woman is flirting with you:

15 signs a woman is flirting and trying to build eye contact attraction

Eye Contact Attraction #2 – Reading her body movements

There is one common denominator to knowing for sure that she is attracted to you; that is eye contact with hair play.

This is what I have observed over my years as a dating coach. Namely, when you first get eye contact with someone, it doesn’t matter where you are, if their first response is an energetic one and they play with their hair, it is typically a sign that they are attracted to you.

And if you think about this logically, it makes sense because what is our first response when we see an attractive girl?

We feel energised; some of us nudge our friend next to us and say:

“Have you seen that attractive girl over there?

There is a biological response in us that energises us and, likewise, women feel exactly the same.

Understanding the biological responses helps give us confidence in starting a conversation.

Because recognising the meaning behind getting eye contact with hair playing from a girl when you first see her gives you clarity in taking your next steps.

It is really a go-ahead signal that she wants you to go and talk to her. Just this knowledge will give you more confidence in starting more conversations with women.

To recognise the other main go-ahead signs from women I have created the following infographic that will help you:

5 ways women show attraction with their eyes and body language

Eye Contact Attraction #3 – Do not look away first!

When we first get eye contact with a woman, we want to hold eye contact with her until she looks away first.

The reason for this is that it has been scientifically proven that the longer you hold eye contact with women, the more oxytocin is released.

If you want to supercharge this technique something else that you can do when you are holding eye contact with her is just to lift your chin up slightly.

This way you are almost gazing down at the girl when you are speaking to her.

This is the body language and eye contact of someone who is extremely confident and successful in dating.

Looking away first is a big sign of insecurity that women tend to pick up on.

In fact, having an awareness of the main signs of insecurity that women notice in men will be invaluable to you. Take a look at my infographic below for a helpful guide.

You can also read my full article here – Dating Coach For Men | 9 Signs Of Male Insecurity That Turn Women Off

9 reasons why men can't build eye contact attraction with women

Eye Contact Attraction #4 – Adding A Seductive Voice

Let’s talk about the two techniques that you can use to understand the power of eye sex.

The first technique is to slow down your voice using an actor’s technique and it is brilliant.

So if you listen to any of my videos or podcasts you will know that I speak at a fairly fast pace most of the time. However, there are times when I will slow down my words to emphasise points.

Now, the way in which I do this is by using my peripheral vision, and I will explain how this works.

When I look forward, I’m 100% focused on what is in front of me. So if you are looking straight in front of you, you can also try this now.

I have a little bit of peripheral vision to the left, to the right, upwards and downwards. Now, what I can do to slow down my speaking pace is to put some of my attention on my peripheral vision.

This way when I am speaking I am not solely focussed on what I am saying. Half my attention is now, critically, on my peripheral vision.

The result is that I slow down my voice as my mental processing power is divided.

To speed up my words again I put my attention back onto what is immediately in front of me.

Conversely, I can slow down my voice again by relocating that attention back to my peripheral vision.

You are seducing a woman with the power of your voice and eye contact.

Here you can be talking to a girl that you like; you are having a nice conversation and then instantly you slow down, and you look at her directly in the eyes.

The first part is to slow down your voice by using your peripheral vision.

You subsequently then keep your eye contact on her as you are speaking to her. This involves becoming more aware of your left, your right, the up or the down.

Practice this eye contact and slowing down your voice at any point. It is powerful and will convey huge amounts of confidence.

Slowing down your voice and having seductive eye contact are two of the traits that attractive men use when speaking to women.

I have simplified the full nine techniques for you in my following infographic:

9 techniques that attractive men with women including eye contact attraction principles

Eye Contact Attraction #5 – The Upside Down Triangle

The upside-down triangle is when we flick our attention or our gaze between her eyes and her mouth.

Often it can be really easy to just look away, look down, not pay attention to the girl when we are speaking to her.

So if you can flip between her left eye to her right eye down to her mouth, you are, in effect, creating a triangle with your gaze.

This enables you to hold a deep eye contact connection with her. Moreover, it also allows you to start building tension by holding permanent eye contact.

The more tension that you can create with your eye contact, the more that you will begin to build attraction with the girl that you are speaking to.

Eye contact attraction forms a vital part of a seduction. To learn about other essential seduction techniques, take a look at my infographic below:

You can read my full article here – Seduction Techniques | How To Get Women To Think About You Non-Stop

5 ways to seduce a woman


Here is an overview of the main points of eye contact attraction:

  • #1 – Read a woman’s eye contact: If she looks down she is interested in you. To the left and she is unsure. If she looks up and away she is showing disinterest.
  • #2 – When she plays with her hair while holding deep eye contact with you she is attracted to you.
  • #3 – Do not look away from women first because it conveys insecurity.
  • #4 – Add a seductive voice to create deeper eye contact attraction with women.
  • #5 – Use the upside-down triangle to create even more powerful eye contact attraction with women.

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