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Eye Contact – The Scientific Route To Her Heart
Eye Contact – The Scientific Route To Her Heart

Eye Contact – The Scientific Route To Her Heart

Written by the Social Attraction Team

When I first started my pick up artist training under the guidance of Gary Gunn, he pointed out immediately that I had a natural ability to maintain strong and confident eye contact with the women that I found attractive.

What is really interesting is that I didn’t realise just how important maintaining strong eye contact is right from the start of a new interaction.  Since I have been lucky enough to develop myself by coaching more and more single men, it’s become apparent to me that a lot of guys consistently struggle to hold deep and constant eye contact with any women, let alone the ones that we are truly attracted to.

Scientific studies have also categorically proven that men who hold deep and meaningful eye contact and far more attractive to members of the opposite sex. So if eye contact is so powerful and many of us want to learn how to attract women, why do so many of us struggle to hold her simple gaze?

Tinder Opening LinesTinder Opening LinesTinder Opening Lines

Eye Contact #1: Clearing Our Minds

Whilst conducting our pua training weekends, I have been able to see first-hand a few vital errors that many of us make that are preventing us from holding powerful and attractive eye contact.

What I have discovered is that the secret to successful eye contact is directly linked with what we are thinking during the interaction.  Many of us will fall into the hidden trap of occupying our mind with some of the following internal questions during our interactions with women. –

–          What we are going to say next?

–          What we said a couple of minutes ago, was it good enough or did we say something stupid?

–          How we can impress her?

–          What it is we want to get from her?

Tinder Opening LinesTinder Opening LinesTinder Opening Lines

Eye Contact #2: Intent Listening

From a dating coach perspective when we occupy our minds with these thoughts we instantly become internally focused and as a result we are no longer acting in the present moment. This inner dialogue manifests itself in our eyes and our body language, and comes across to women that we are lacking confidence.

The simple truth is that is we can focus our energy and attention on what she is saying and really listen to the words she is speaking to us, then we will automatically enter the present moment and this will again manifest in our body language and our eye contact.  The end result being that we come across as far more confident and as a result far more attractive.

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