First 10 Things A Woman Notices About A Man (Updated 2021)

First 10 Things A Woman Notices About A Man (Updated 2021)

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

In this article, I am going to describe the first 10 things a woman notices about a man. In doing so I will be delving into both the physical and the more intangible aspects of our character that women pick up on.

You will learn:

  • Helpful ways to enhance your physical attributes (instantly)
  • How to make a significant first impression (that she will remember)
  • Conversational tools that demonstrate intelligence and confidence (immediately)

Knowing what key aspects a woman first notices about you will prove invaluable to your future dating interactions.

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What does a girl want in a man physically?

The physical characteristics most girls initially notice about a man is his body shape and silhouette.

This is followed by a quick assessment of his genetic disposition; characteristics such as height or build or whether he has a V-shape etc.

As men, there are a few things that we can do to accentuate our look immediately so that when a woman first glances at us, she notices some attractive qualities.

Our body shape

The first thing is when we are wearing a T-shirt roll the sleeves up a little.

This does the following:

  • Shows off our arms slightly more
  • Indicates confidence and self-assurance
  • Illustrates that we are not afraid to show a bit more of our skin

Our V-shape

Another thing we can do is draw attention to our V-shape by wearing a blazer with the top button done up, but with the bottom button left undone. We can also wear jackets or blazers with padded shoulders to make our shoulders look bigger; to accentuate that V-shape.

This will make us look far more masculine and thereby more attractive in a woman’s very first impression of us. Moreover, it also helps us feel more comfortable in initiating contact with any woman that we find attractive.

Below you will find my infographic that gives some fun ways to approach and instigate that first conversation with a woman. You can also read my related how to approach women article where I go into detail on each different technique.

9 ways to help you approach and initiate conversation with women after they have noticed you

What is the first thing a woman notices about a man?

Another key aspect that a woman first notices about a man is his hair. Good, thick, big hair shows off amazing genetics.

Our hair

If you are blessed with big or thick hair then you could contemplate growing it longer to enhance your look; because it is something that other men do not possess you should make the most of drawing attention to it.

However, if you do not have big, thick, strong hair, then an option is to wear a hat because this also accentuates your style.

Additionally wearing a hat:

  • Makes you look taller
  • Indicates that you have considered what you wear

What attracts a woman to a man at first sight?

What attracts a woman to a man at first sight is his immediate body language: Is it closed? Or is it open?

Try and keep this in mind when you are meeting a woman as it makes a powerful impact on any first impression she will form of you.

Closed body language

Closed body language can easily be interpreted as defensive, lacking confidence or not wanting to engage in social interaction. The following are examples of closed body language that we should try to avoid:

  • Standing or sitting with our hand over our face
  • Keeping our hands fixed to our side
  • Folding our arms over our chest

Open body language

In contrast, someone who has open body language appears confident, engaged and interested in the conversation. Therefore he:

  • Appears relaxed and comfortable
  • Does not fold his arms or cover his face at all
  • Has a strong and confident frame with his shoulders back

Having confident and open body language is effective in both making an impactful first impression and also in mitigating approach anxiety when we first initiate a conversation with a girl.

Below you will find an infographic I created to help overcome any anxiety you may feel in approaching a woman that you find attractive. To find out more read my how to overcome approach anxiety article.

3 ways to help diminish anxiety when approaching women

What do girls like in a guy?

What girls specifically like in a man is strong attractive eye contact.

Think about when you first catch a woman’s gaze, does she look away first or do you?

Our eye contact

What most guys do around attractive women is look away when they catch her glance as they feel embarrassed or do not want to make it obvious that this girl has captured their attention.

However, at this moment, we need to do the exact opposite. We should hold her eye contact until she looks away first as this indicates a high level of confidence.

Strong eye contact is a simple and effective way to flirt and build attraction with women.

The power of eye sex

In fact, if you want to create instant attraction with a woman then hold eye contact longer than she does when you first meet her.

To learn how to attain an even deeper level of eye contact with women take a look at my infographic below. To learn more on this read my related eye contact attraction article.

Guide to seducing her with your eye contact after she has noticed you

What things attract a woman to a man?

One immediate thing a woman notices about a man is his smile.

This sentiment goes back to tribal times. Imagine that when we first met a stranger and they smiled; it is symbolic of being friendly, of being someone who is not a threat to our tribe.

If that stranger did not smile, it would set off a biological response that they could be a threat so we should be wary.

Our smile

Likewise, a smile is a conversation starter with a woman. It will automatically put her at ease and indicates that we are friendly and engaged in speaking to her.

This, along with the open body language that I mentioned earlier will all serve to make a positive first impression on any woman that we meet.

In my experience that one-to-two second window of meeting women is paramount in making a positive impression – of which smiling is a vital ingredient. However, I appreciate that for anyone who feels unconfident or suffers toxic shame, it can be difficult to hold eye contact with a stranger and smile.

Struggle to smile around women?

If you need support making this first step we can help to make you feel more confident with women. This is one of the reasons why I host dating confidence courses – whether they are via Skype or in the real world – as you learn to do exactly that with my female coaching assistant.

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Model looking at camera with three ways to approach attractive women and make them notice you

What do women notice about men first?

Another immediate aspect a woman first notices about a man is their clothing. Below is a list of things to consider about the way we dress day-to-day:

  • Is our clothing fitted?
  • Is it colour coordinated?
  • Additionally is it stylish?

Our outfit

One of the biggest mistakes some men make if they are slim is they tend not to wear fitted clothes because they feel like it shows off that they are skinny or lack musculature.

In fact, fitted clothes accentuate that V-shape which is attractive to many women. If you have concerns about your weight then you can also wear the following to achieve a slimming look:

  • Stick to darker or more solid colours like black or navy
  • Wear darker colours as an under-garment with a coloured shirt on top

If you are not too sure about fashion, just keep it simple; dark clothes and a nice pair of shoes. The intention is simply to highlight that you are someone who can wear fitted clothes and who therefore considers his style.

First impression

In the infographic below you will find a few other tips – in addition to your style – on how to make an immediate impact on a woman.

You can also read through my related how to attract a woman instantly article where I delve into each point in more detail.

Three instant ways to get a woman to notice you

What do women really look for in a man?

Social intelligence is a prized asset that women look for in a man. This refers to our ability to communicate and navigate social interactions with other people and social settings.

Social intelligence

The biggest mistake that I see guys make around women is they just hone in on one woman. After that initial introduction they commit the following actions, often to their own detriment:

  • Speak only to her
  • They ignore her friends
  • They also ignore their own friends

On the other hand, if you are someone who knows a lot of people, speaks to a lot of people and introduces people, this shows a high level of social intelligence.

What social intelligence reveals

Having social intelligence is paramount because it:

  • Offers an insight into our character
  • Indicates confidence and social awareness
  • Illuminates what we are going to be like in a relationship

When we first meet a woman, it is ideal if we can catch her attention when socialising and laughing with others. This shows that we are fun and have the ability to talk to a multitude of different people.

And this is all before we have even spoken to her.

It is crucial to remember this – that social intelligence can be conveyed before you have even spoken to a woman. It is a highly attractive trait.

Avoiding social blunders

If you want to ensure that the conversations you have with women are socially intelligent then my infographic below will help you.

You can also read my full dating coach for men article where I go into detail about each unattractive trait featured and how to avoid conveying these to women in conversation.

First 10 things a woman notices about a man

What a woman looks for in a man?

What a woman looks for in a man is emotional intelligence. In practical terms, this means how well-equipped we are to successfully have an emotive and authentic conversation with her.

Below you will find a list of conversational points that fall under the umbrella of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence

  • Have you travelled?
  • Do you ask good questions?
  • Are you able to tune in to what she is talking about?
  • Are you able to discuss a wide variety of different topics?

Importantly, these points also come under the scope of effective conversation skills, meaning our ability to communicate with a woman as well as with her friends and people in that vicinity.

Conversation skills

Having adept conversation skills are so helpful when speaking to women – and in speaking to people generally. They ensure that we have more confidence in conversation as we are no longer worrying about what to say next.

Moreover, they allow us to just calm down and actually enjoy any social interaction.

For this reason, having emotional intelligence is of huge value in our attractiveness to women.

Ability to carry on a conversation

My infographic below highlights the position that emotional intelligence plays in being able to continue a conversation with women. It also depicts two other important types of intelligence that will help you in staying engaged (as well as engaging) in any conversation with a girl.

To learn more about how all three contribute to your ability to carry on a conversation with a woman I suggest you read my how to carry on a conversation with women article.

3 types of intelligence to convey to make a woman take notice of you

What attracts a woman to a man sexually?

A man’s smell is one immediate enticement that attracts a woman to a man sexually. This, of course, is why wearing aftershave or cologne is so impactful, and likewise, why a woman wearing an intoxicating perfume gets our attention – as we are all attracted to captivating smells that evoke something within us.

Our smell

Two things to consider when choosing a scent for yourself:

  • Is it masculine?
  • Is it unique?

Personally, I love tobacco vanilla aftershave. The vanilla has a sweet smell, which is nicely offset by the tobacco’s strong aroma. Moreover, people can smell it a metre or two away without it being overbearing.

So remember that our smell is notable because it creates a unique impression on any woman we meet.

Signs of female flirting

To know when a girl is receptive to us sexually take a look at my infographic underneath that illustrates the 15 key signs when a woman is flirting. You can also read my signs she’s flirting with you article to learn more on this.

15 signs a women has noticed you and is flirting

What do girls notice about guys?

When a girl is attracted to a guy she tends to notice the smaller details of what he is wearing.

For instance:

  • Is he wearing rings or a necklace
  • Is he wearing a watch?
  • What colour are they?
  • What is the design?

Our style

You will know if a woman is interested in you because she will notice these things. You may have had your initial conversation with her, and as it progresses, she then wants to know more about these smaller details.

That is another cast iron sign that she is attracted to you. Your next steps in this scenario are to initiate some flirting. As outlined in the image below we can teach you how to flirt with women you find attractive. To find out more about our coaching then you can visit our Skype dating confidence courses for men page.

Model next to three ways to flirt with women

Summary (Part One)

  • Your body shape: Ideally, it needs to be a V-shape. You want to have your arms out. You want to have the top button of your blazer done up. And if you wear a jacket, wear a padded shoulder to accentuate your V-shape.
  • Your hair: If you have good hair, wear it long or grow it longer. If you don’t, then an option is to wear a hat. This gives off the same impression that you are stylish.
  • Your body language: Make sure it is open and your arms are not folded.
  • Your eye contact: Do you look away when you first see a woman? Or do you hold her eye contact until she looks away first?
  • Your smile: If you can hold eye contact and smile at the same time in the first two seconds, this is going to convey so many attractive qualities.

Summary (Part Two)

  • Your clothing: Remember, is it fitted? Is it colour coordinated? And is it stylish?
  • Your social intelligence: Are you talking to other people? Or are you easily distracted? Are you able to have a socially intelligent conversation? Or are you staring at other women?
  • Your emotional intelligence: Are you able to have a good conversation with her? Do you have a wide vocabulary? Are you able to discuss things with her and to feel and demonstrate empathy? All of these things come under the umbrella of emotional intelligence.
  • Your smell: Is it masculine? And is it unique?
  • Your style details: These are the smaller aspects of your style, like your rings and your necklaces. Aspects that a woman will typically ask you about as she begins to get to know you. It is a really good indicator that she is indeed attracted to you.


Written by Gary Gunn

Gary Gunn is the bestselling author of An Education In (Online) Dating.

He has hosted over 1000 dating confidence courses in the UK and Europe, as well as over 1,500 courses conducted online.

Moreover, he is the head coach at Social Attraction and leads the team, training and courses.
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